Where is the best place to practice Landscape Architecture?

I know this is stirring the pot a bit, but according to this article, San Francisco takes the cake! If you disagree, then tell us why your location is the best!?! I will withhold my opinion for now...

Read the article, here.

Sonoma vineyard in Glen Ellen, by Marta Fry Landscape Associates

Residence, by Surfacedesign Inc.

The Curran House, by Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture

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Well, I am pretty sure the DC/Maryland area is not the best, but it does have some good things going on. Maryland for example has some of the best environmental litigation in the country. Although these codes can be annoying sometimes, it can be nice to have the law on your side sometimes when trying to work with your clients wishes and trying to be a steward to the environment at the same time.

However, in my mind (and based on talking to people and reading lots of literature), I have to believe that Portland is the best place to be a landscape architect right now. They seem to be doing the coolest, most innovative, and greenest work in the country. Not to say that there aren't a sprinkling of these types of projects in other cities, it just seems as if Portland has a higher density of them. Also, they seem to have a community that really embraces the idea of landscape architecture and fight for it instead of against it. Now, most of these ideas are just coming from assumptions from what I have heard and read, so I would love to hear from some LA's from Portland to confirm.
I might tend to think that Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada may be just one of the best places. They have many green policies going on... they encourage bicycles over cars and with the winter Olympics coming up, I imagine they are sinking lots of coins into making the park spaces and event spaces look even more "green"!


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