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The process is the absolute worse, I've been stuck on grading and drainage for years. I have done every practice test problem out there 3 or 4 times each, went to two different intensive study courses, red line reviewed, studied all of CLARB recommended study material. Now, with in the past two administrations of the test they have introduced a new type of problem w/ no study problems that resemble those, I checked w/ CLARB and those type of study tests wont be out for a year or so. I don't understand why this process is stuck in the the early 1990's, the architects have a far better process. Why is it easier to pass the BAR Exam(50% Pass rate) than it is the LA exam(+/-30%for G&D)? Why do I have to wait 6 months between tests? Has anyone ever went to red line review and asked that a problem be re-graded and have it overturned? I could go on and on but the more I dwell on this the madder I get. The worse part is I do Grading plans at work and they work, LARE has no relation to the real work world, the limits and structure of the actual vignettes is not a test in grading and drainage but a test on how good you can take a LARE test. Another thing, why do they nickel and dime us for everything, practice vignettes,test, review, redline review, re-review, yea yea I know its already subsidized, I would like to see this breakdown as financial statement of CLARB, money is being made I can find nothing that says they are a non-profit.


I could not agree more with both of you.....I am so fed up with the LARE experts that decide to give try a new testing problem with us as the guinea pigs and on our dime......Any test that consistently only has a 30% passing rate should be majorly reevaluated to increase the passing rate to some extent.......I truly feel that the low passing rate is not a reflection on the test takers as much as it is a reflection on the poor grading vignette problems that are being made up.......I have studied for years, taken every study course possible, done hundreds of vignettes, taken redline reviews(which don't truly help anyone but CLARBS pocket book), had a test score verified after a redline review(only to receive a stupid piece of paper with one line stating that I failed, with no other explanations on it but that......all that for my 2-300 dollars).......what is the deal?

I have really been motivated to start an appeal with getting a petition signed by all the disgruntled test takers out there which I know there are soooooooo many.......What do you think about this.....would you sign a petition to get CLARB to pull their heads out of the clouds and increase the pasing rates and stop nickel and diming us for everything.......? If this is something you would like to see happen send this to everyone you know and get me contacts of other disgruntled LARE test takers so I can contact them and get something going........

Yes yes yes.  I also have passed all the sections except grading and drainage.  I am 50 yo and I have NEVER have to spec out a drainage pipe, That is what a Civil Engineer is for.  For me, I pretty much just gave up, but who knows.   Screw clarb. 

I agree.The examinees should make a statement. Their last Exam B multiple choice had a 61% passing rate. There is something wrong with that. I studied, I assume anyone spending the money is taking the tests seriously too!

Nothing personal here to anyone who has failed any section of the test.  Please re-read my first sentence. Again.

There is another side to a fail and that is that either a person's own preparation or that person's education did not come close to addressing the basics required for practicing landscape architecture.  Look hard at yourself and how you have been taught.

There is no automatic entitlement here for a passing grade.  Be harder on your instructors at school.

Edward I think you touch on a good point. I have passed all sections and although I feel the test does not always match up to what a LA really does/ or needs to know I think it is there for testing the basics. 

The biggest area I think people are having issues is that they think they just have to study the material. This is a big mistake! You must also study how to take the test. Watch all the videos on the test, understand how it is put together, understand that most questions have simple answers... 

Just because you know how to be a LA doesn't mean you can pass the test if you don't understand how it is put together and what is begin asked for. 

In my opinion at least half of those who fail do so because they over think it.

The exam is like a difficult client that you have to satisfy ... the most important skill you can have to be a professional. One more skill set that they are testing for.

I am registered to take sections C & E in December. A few days ago I received a letter advising me that CLARB had increased the cost of these sections and that I was required to send in a check for an additional $20. What other organization retroactively increases fees and sends you a bill after you have already paid? I could understand increasing the cost for future offerings of the exam sections... but to charge people who have already registered (and paid) seems riduculous to me!
After sitting for the very first administration of the LARE in the early 1990's, it was obvious that there were problems with the initial conversion from the old UNE to the new LARE test format. Yet, it is obvious that CLARB has continually improved the overall examination process as the number of registered landscape architects has grown exponentially, especially since the UNE was phased out. Failure occurs when candidates do not consider all possible solutions in accordance with the directions as provided.
I'm moving to canadia.
Canada uses the LARE so no relief there!


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