So I'm stuck in a rut and need a few ideas. A golf course hired our company to help them increase their revenue by any means possible - my first thought was, heh, lower your prices so locals can come - but they are a high end golf course in a small community and not willing to budge because they want to maintain an exclusivity. 

After talking with the association, they really feel like an RV park is a good idea. Now, when I say RV park, I literally mean they want to spend the money to lay down gravel and put up a few trees and that is all...for a high end golf course. So we are trying to brainstorm other possible ideas that might attract customers to the course and more importantly...bring locals to the course. There is money to spend...we just have to justify the costs and their possible revenue

Some are:

Mini Golf

Tennis Courts


Any help or case studies would be greatly appreciated! Thanks 

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Are they just a golf course. Do they not have any other amenities? Pool? 

I would start with what you have fist and how it can be adapted to create more revenue.

Google works well too... Found this

Thought about this a little more on my drive home from the office.

There are different ways to increase revenue. From a business standpoint one of the easiest ways is to reduce your cost of doing business. 

Looking at a golf course I would assume the highest costs are for labor, water, and fertilizer.

To reduce those three costs you would need to reduce the amount of turf. Normally a golf course has plenty of turf. I would say even some to spare. That is where you can put on the designer hat and find areas of the course that you can remove maintained turf and propose a native planting area that uses no fertilizer, much less water and nearly no labor to maintain. 

These areas can be anywhere from near the parking areas, club house, and even on the golf course itself. Look at the spaces between the holes. The transitions from green to tee. Also look at holes that are already set up as shot making holes. These holes require the player to place the ball in a certain spot anyway so why not eliminate the extra turf between the tee and the landing area. 

After you come up with a great kick ass plan you can then blitz the media with how the course is changing. Make it out to be an overhaul to make the golf course more...wait for it...Green. "This renovation will reduce the amount of water we use by X fold and eliminate nearly X pounds of fertilizer a year."

I would think a key to selling this to the club will be doing your math first. How much in real numbers can they reduce the water use and fertilizer? How many hours can they reduce their mowers? And how does this compare to the amount of money it will cost to replant these areas.

This could work on multiple scales and in phases along with other projects.

A good restaurant/tavern (emphasis on tavern)

outdoor concerts/theater with access to the food from the restaurant

inexpensive golf lessons to locals to build interest .... and membership

Convention center (even if it is small) ..... none of these will work unless it matches the wants/needs of the community.


You really need to start by inventory of their assets. parking lots, open fields, ponds, trails, whatever they have and what they have access to.


Then you need to understand the demographic of the community outside of the golf course - will they play tennis or eat/drink in the restaurant?


If the community is not going to use it, you need to attract outside groups ... it sounds like they know that since they are looking at RVs.



Arboretum???? really?

totally agree. It's all about research and analysis. No point adding costly ameneties if no one will actually use it.

And not sure about the RV thing... is that really "high-end"?

Rv parking on its own is not high end, but there are a lot of wealthy retirees that travel in RVs. Marketing to various clubs throughout the country can bring in extra golfers that may spend several days playing the course as a group. It gives them a destination with something to do. Tournaments between RV clubs is probably already being done in other places.

Its not the RV parking and waiting for RVs. It is marketing for groups of golfers to schedule golf events to bring in more revenue. The key is the marketing, not the RV parking.


Just playing Devil's advocate to show an example.


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