I’m planning to go for higher studies. Currently I’m a graduated with four year Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons) degree. Now I’m willing to practice landscape architecture. But in near future I’m planning to have higher studies.

What are the Master causes for a BLA degree holder?

How to select one?    

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No one interested hmmm Sad :(

I'm not sure people understand your question, "what are the master causes for a BLA degree holder." Are you asking why people with BLA degrees would get their master's degree? Why do you think you need it? Do you want to do research?

Hey Renee,

Thank you for your interest on this. My question is what are the fields that Landscape architecture student can select for a Master? And how to select one out of them?

Yes I’m interest about the theoretical back ground of Landscape architecture. And I want to do research.    

I think we don't understand why would you want a master's in a different field than you have already studied? Some people come from another field INTO landscape architecture by getting a master's in landscape architecture. If you already have a bachelor of LA, then changing to something else for a master's is not likely to help you in LA.

If you want to work in something else, then figure that out and inquire from people in the other field if your LA degree will help you. A master's in urban or conservation studies might value your background, but not something like medicine or fine art, for example. Pardon if I don't understand the question well.

Thank you.

Sorry for my poor English.

I don't want a different field. Can I study urban or conservation studies in regular MLA course? 

In the US, you can do a thesis project on a specific topic of your choice, but I've found that the programs have fairly rigid standards and there's not a lot of room to take elective classes. I'm not sure how programs work where you're looking, though. I would try to get a job with the education you have and see how you like it, and only then decide if you want to go back for more school. This will let you find out if you would rather do urban or conservation studies.

I think i got it. Thank you.


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