Does anyone have a good picture of a canopy tree planted in a small courtyard (less than 18'x18')?


I am trying to convince a client that this would be really cool, but they are hesitant, and I can't seem to find any good images to back it up. For the tree, I am thinking Thornless Honey Locust, to still let a good amount of light in...also because it shouldn't get too too big.



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Google Paley Park in NYC...locusts in a tight space.
Send Thomas Johnson $50 and he will find the most incedible image for you - ....just a thought...He's a real talent with that..(My idea, not mr. Johnsons!)...
Jason, I actually got the idea for the tree species from Paley Park, however Im trying to show a space closer in size to the actual courtyard in the project. Although Paley Park is's not quite small enough for this. Thanks though!

closest images I have found are these:

  None of which are great/exactly what it sounds like you are looking for.  Do you need a photo, or would a 3D rendering work?  Send me a plan sketch, I'll see what I can put together.

Actually, this last one is pretty good. Thanks Frank!

I did a courtyard that was slightly larger, but I planted it densely with NE native woodland trees, both semi-mature and saplings. 

Are your clients concerned with the size of the tree?  The light level?  What is the height of the surrounding walls and windows?  What are you planning on doing with the ground-plane? Are there any utilities to worry about?

I am thinking Thornless Honey Locust, to still let a good amount of light in...also because it shouldn't get too too big.

Where are you that honeylocust don't get really big?

Any way... consider light levels as well. If the walls are high, the lower branches will get shaded out and over time you may end up with an "umbrella"



and from

There are always trees in Chinese and Japanese garden courtyards...maybe search images for those?


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