I am going back to school for my Master's in Landscape Architecture. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations regarding programs?

I am currently looking at Columbia and The City College of New York.

Although a different program, does anyone have experience with the New York Botanical Garden's School of Horticulture?



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I was looking to see if you had ANY experience.....working @ an LA firm or not.  Just my opinion, if you don't have any "experience" in the field of Landscape Architecture......that's what you NEED more than you need a Masters' Degree in Landscape Architecture.

More education will run up any college loan debts you have.  Plus, LA firms aren't going to pay you MORE $$$ because you have a Masters' Degree.  Experience.....will be more helpful to you, IMO.

Also.....I'm sure you're from the New York area....it's home to you.  But, to me, I never considered an LA job in either California or New York.....due to the very high cost of living & high State income taxes.  There are so many other areas of the U.S. to practice Landscape Architecture......lower cost of living, zero State income taxes, better/warmer weather, etc.

i could have gone for my Masters' Degree after earning my B.S.L.A degree....but, I believed that the "experience" working at an LA firm, would get my LA design career going.  I graduated with zero debt, but, I was ready to get out and earn an income and learn the profession.

J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

Thanks Bob! I have had my own business creating bespoke, hand-blown terrariums; indoor plants; and green walls for the past eight years. I'm guessing this might not be enough for an LA job? I will contact some firms.


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