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With the frustration most of us have been feeling in this job economy, especially in our field, do you support what has started in New York, and is quickly spreading across the country? 


I have been following this movement for a few days, and while it is difficult to fully understand what the protest means to accomplish, I can't help but to be drawn to it.  How do you feel?  I know a lot of us are frustrated by the job economy, might be in student loan debt, and are very insecure about the future. The occupations address these issues.


Share your thoughts and reactions.

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I like the Constitution and can't suffer fools.  Best wishes for your career and I hope to see your work one day.

I like the Constitution myself, I just don't maintain a strict and rigid interpretation of it, as if it were some immortal dictatum, frozen and forever at the time of its drafting and adoption.

Whether we like it or we don't, were all crewmembers on USS America Without a Rudder, but we all have paddles. We should use them individually, and collectively  (there is that socialist word again !) to row in the same direction.

 If you can tolerate yourself William, than you  can handle the minor suffering I might have barely caused you here.

Thanks for the good tidings and right back at you.


Yes there is a group of Americans who are not just worried about the here and now.  This group of Americans not only look at the individual trees in the forrest but the WHOLE forrest.  We as Americans cannot continue to spend our way out of this national crisis that we are in.  At some point someone has to hold the line on the out of control spending that is occuring in Washington.  Or your grandchildren will be in such a finacial hole that it will be impossible to climb out of.  I make no apologies for supporting such a notion.  When economic times are tough it is not the time to go on a spending spree personally or nationally. 


So I guess what you’re telling me that the best thing to do for our future children is to do nothing but give tax breaks for the wealthy and squash government regulation?


I agree with you, now is not the time to go on a spending spree, but it is a time to spend wisely. Just like a poor person would be wise to spend the money it takes to keep their home from collapsing. I’m sorry it makes no sense to have millions of healthy people sitting idle and collecting unemployment checks while our infrastructure falls apart. I guess the alternative is to cut their unemployment benefits and allow them to become beggars and criminals.


We are about to create a perfect storm here in this country. Laying off teachers and cops at the same time we’re creating an increase in the population of desperate people. Believe me I’m no bleeding heart liberal, but there comes a point when the government has to step in and do something for the people that want to help themselves.


My wife and I are doing ok, but I still feel the pain of my once hard working Americans that are suffering while criminal Fat Cats get fatter. It makes me sick.

I wonder if you have ever run a business Craig.  Any business owner will tell you that they have fought hard to get where they are.  There is a wealthy elite class and there are the wealthy on paper.  By the time you add up all the commitments and responsibilities shouldered by many business owners they are not making as much as you think.  Capital is hard to come by especially right now.  You don't think somebody of a General Electric status would be going to Warren Buffet for capital if things weren't really bad out there do you?  Have you tried to borrow money from a bank lately?  Anyone who has money has to work twice as hard to keep someone else from taking it away from them.  I find it distainful that you would insuate that someone who has fought and worked hard to build up their fortune are now somehow criminal.  If that were so then why is it that people all over the world perfer to come to American more than any other country?  Our system may be flawed but it is still better than anywhere else you will live.  I still have a hard time figuring out why you want to protest against Wall Street.  Wall Street does not set the rules the government does.   Given, Wall Street has poured a lot of money into Washington and may have gamed the system.  But you are protesting to the wrong people.  I would think you would be more interested in marching on Washington.  If enough people March and protest in Washington long enough and you follow that up with voting out incumbents of both parties.  The influence that Wall Street has in Washingtion will be diminished.  I think that is the goal your movement should be concerned about.  If you were a Doctor you are treating the patients symptoms not the disease.

I personally am not happy with either party.  Rand Paul is my Senator,  and I voted for him,  Not because I believe in everything he stands for.  I voted for him to send a clear message to Washington that it is NOT business as usual and if both parties keep it up there will be more people like Rand Paul holding seats in Washington and power that each party now enjoys will be diminished.  That has already occured in the Republican Party.  The Vice President was interviewed on CBS this morning and said that there is a new arm of the Republican Party and it is not like the Party that the Dems are use to dealing with.  I say great we have now got their attention!  How much more political blood needs to be spilt before those who are left straight up and fly right?  It would help if the Democratic Party had a similar movement afoot.  It is time to try something different.  What has always been ain't work'in no more!  I say if the American people has to throw every incumbent in office (Dem or Rep) out for new blood, so be it if that is what it is going to get control of our government.



Steve - to answer your first question I started my LA firm in 2008 and I’ve been grinding everyday to live the American dream. I’m not anti-business or against people becoming rich. I’m against dirtbags getting rich from misleading people. And gambling away regular working people’s money, but not being penalized for it. When it comes to business I’m a shark, but I’m a shark that plays the game as fairly as I can. Someone that pulls themselves up from their bootstraps and makes it happen is a role model to me. Provided they didn’t make their money by cheating people and abusing employees.  


In previous posts on this thread I have stated that even though I support the OWS in general I wouldn’t join them until they were ready to go to Washington. I also said that, I can’t get too angry with Wall St. because they’re just doing what they do, making money. So it seems like you read more into what I was saying and stuck me into the bleeding heart liberal box anyway.


I’m not a part of any movement and I’m not a democrat or republican. I’m a common sense Independent American that’s tired of the status quo.

It sounds like we have more in common that we do differences Craig.



We do indeed and I’m cool with that.

Agreed Craig! Another independent...and oh yes...we have our own business. Does that give my opinion more weight? :P

Well said William!



Hee Hee! (it keeps the conversation lively though does it not?)  You heard about the feller that fought the pig in the mud haven't you?  (After fiight'n with 'em a while the feller began to realize that the pig liiked it thar!)



Meanwhile, something that might explain (partly) why the various sides in discussions live in such different universes that they think the opposing thought realms are "mentally ill" or "uneducated." (I've run into this a lot on the web or in interviews, sometimes veiled and sometimes blatant):




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