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I am interviewing for a new land arch position and am taking a second look at my portfolio and keep running into the same issue: Is a tradition 'bound' portfolio right for all land arch jobs? I have been working for (and interviewing for) positions within engineering firms and it almost seems too artsy to present a booklet to the interviewers....instead I have been playing around with using loose sheets to pass around. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I feel like engineering firms don't expect to see any of my work, let alone a full portfolio but that is just my past experience. 

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What you want to do is present your "art" in a professional format.  My intern showed me his website a few days ago.  I felt "swarmed" with art, and it was cool but very aggressive.  A better solution is to have a very clean professional website, that delivers your artistic pieces, rather than an artistic website. See the difference? 

I love Civil Engineers!  and they love the artsy side of us, but they do need to see organization from you, hence the professional format that delivers your far out work. This is much like a gourmet would be served by a sophisticated person dressed in black/white with well shined shoes!.  Your work is the gourmet dish, the server is you. 

Most engineers want us to take the burden of creative design, and then they run with the construction package.  You will run across that occasional "designer engineer" where you need to be more sensitive about "toes".  I like working with them because they are born and bred decision makers, where I am a better Idea maker, and usually have too many!!! I give them full respect for that and I listen to them like the gospel. 

My 2 cents. Curtis

Thanks Curtis - I like the food analogy...I can always relate to food. :) 

I just am recalling my first interview at an engineering firm and how awkward it was to pass around a portfolio at a big conference table to view the projects I was talking about....considering doing singular sheets this time and wanted to see what everyone thought. 

I do like a Pocketed Book with a stack of inserts or sheets with projects.  My wife is an interior designer/professor, and once I saw where an interior design students "sheets" were more like 6x9 cards with the graphics on them.  I absolutely loved it because I could scroll through, yank my 3 favorites out, and then pass them to the other interviewer....  Business contact card in front of booklet, with work on a stack of 6x9 cards popping out the booklet pocket.  Also put contact info on back of card neatly.  It was pretty awesome. The pieces on the cards had blown up and well cropped shots as well. You won't feel so awkward when everybody has a few cards mumbling about them at the same time.  Your work is clean, you will do great.  Curtis

What you're describing are called, 'cut sheets' and are perfectly acceptable if not preferable to a bound portfolio. You can go single or double sided, I would prefer one project per 8.5x11 sheet side. Many students tend to splay projects over 4 or 5 pages. In the professional world it is preferable to distill and condense to one.


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