Hello, I am trying to confirm if it would be possible to create a tree protection area built into scaffolding. The trees are worth saving as they are about a 30cm caliper. One of the major issues that concerns me is that the trees were initially planted too close to the building and they have a full spreading canopy that touches the building facade. Has anyone ever seen / know of instances where scaffolding has successfully been built around existing trees? My major concern is that the impact from the construction will significantly damage the canopy / root system. I am currently leaning towards replanting more appropriate species in an a more suitable area on the site according to municipal replanting standards and permit approval.

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Air spade the crap out of the root zone to avoid major roots, and hire a good arborist.  It's been done before - Yale has done a lot of facade work on their buildings and many of them have large trees.

Depends on the size of the tree, species, location, time of year, water requirements, etc. Good arborist and company that has done work moving large sized trees successfully will be key for survival. Do you have any more project specifics?

It depends on just what the work on the building involves. From your description it certainly seems that the crowns will need to be pruned away from the building and there may need to be additional pruning to balance the crown.

That said, I agree strongly with Tosh's advice: bring in a certified arborist to consult and provide a tree preservation plan.

Thank you for all the helpful replies. I should have mentioned that we are just in the planning stage and I would certainly bring in an arborist before making any decisios on tree removing trees.

Your arborist will also be the best person to develop a strategy to save trees

^Agreed, the earlier you have them on board, the more they can help you.  I remember a few projects where they helped us lay out not only the design but the construction schedule to maximize the ability to transplant large trees.


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