This is very last minute, but I'm going to Phoenix and El Paso tomorrow and Wednesday and was wondering if anyone knew of good examples of urban design/landscape architecture in either city. I know Phoenix has Taliesen West, but unless I'm told otherwise the $25 ticket to tour the place seems a bit high. Any recommendations (even dinner locations) would be greatly appreciated.


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Taliesin West designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is in Scottsdale, a "suburb" of Phoenix

Arcosanti 65 mi north of Phoenix

And Phoenix itself is worth a visit, because it is so spread out with so many "vacant" areas, if only to understand "sprawl" on first hand, and the efforts to create a downtown core.

Keep us posted on your visits...
Trip is going well. I went by "downtown" Tempe and Tempe Town Lake. Both were really good examples of why pedestrianizing an area can make a space successful. It's really hot outside right now, so I'll wait until later this evening to go explore some more.


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