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Comment by STEPHANIE Landregan FASLA LEED on September 22, 2015 at 1:50pm

UCLA Extension LARE Prep Courses

Section 1 – October 31

Date/Time:         Sat 9am-5pm

Description:        Workshop covers the LARE Section 1: Project and Construction Administration: regulations, contracts, and construction administration processes.

Cost:      $ 275     Early Bird (by September 30) After $302

Advance enrollment required; no enrollment at the door.


Section 2 – November 1

Date/Time:         Sun 9am-5pm

Description:        Workshop covers LARE Section 2: Inventory and Analysis: knowledge and skills related to inventory, data gathering, analysis, programming, regional land use planning, site land use planning, and principles of design.

Cost:      $ 275   Early Bird (by October 1)  After $302

Advance enrollment required; no enrollment at the door.


Section 3 – October 18

Date/Time:         Sun 9am-5pm

Description:        Workshop covers LARE Section 3: Design: knowledge and skills required for site design from principles of design and initial programming through preliminary design stages. Revised exam includes analysis, details, and design materials. Advance enrollment required; no enrollment at the door.

Cost:      $ 275    Early Bird (by September 18) After $302


Section 4 – October 16, 17

Date/Time:         Fri 1-7pm, Oct 16, Sat 9am-5pm, Oct 17

Description:        Workshop covers LARE Section 4: Construction Documentation: knowledge and skills for preparing plans, including demolition, grading, drainage, planting, and stormwater management. Also covers construction documentation and specifications.

Cost:      $ 485     Early Bird (by September 16) After $530

Advance enrollment required; no enrollment at the door.



All sessions are on the UCLA Campus, adjacent to Westwood Village in Los Angeles, CA.

Location:             10995 Le Conte Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024


Taught by Angela Woodward, ASLA, landscape architect (CA 2126). For over 7 years Angela has taught LARE Prep classes and mentored many candidates to success. She has been on the national ASLA LARE Prep Committee for the past 5 years, and taught LARE Prep courses at numerous ASLA conferences.


Contact Details:

Melissa McDonald

Phone Number: 310-825-9414

Email Address:    mmcdonald@unex.ucla.edu

More Information: http://tinyurl.com/LAREUCLA

Comment by Rachel on August 12, 2015 at 7:38pm

I just recently took Mr. Freeman's Section 4 workshop (can I call it a bootcamp because it was super intense?). IMO it was well worth the cost considering the sheer amount of material he gives you to study and the amount he presents. I also took his Sections A, B & D workshop back when it was still 5 sections. I used that same reference book that I received in that class to study for Sections 1 & 2 when I finally got around to taking them and was able to pass both the first time. 

I also teach workshops (unrelated to LA) and find that this way of thinking - that workshops should be free and don't cost the presenter any time or money - is pervasive. Even when you try to gently educate people that you're shelling out money and spending hours of your time preparing and presenting they still think it should be free (and I'm only charging $20-45 for my workshops). 

When people demand that your workshops be free what they are really doing is telling you that your time is basically worthless and should actually cost you money to teach it. 

Comment by Ray Freeman on August 12, 2015 at 5:19pm

Mr. Wainner is entitled to his opinion, however no review course on the LARE or any other professional licensing exam is ever free to the candidates. The ASLA, various extension programs, and many state chapter charge fees for live or web-based reviews. In the past, CLARB charged serious fees for study aids including "The Road to Licensure" and practice exams.

A review course for 10-30 students must have a venue. These cost several hundred dollars per day. In addition, if the course is to be truly worthwhile, considerable preparation effort is necessary on the part of the presenters for their lectures, organizational work and marketing, and study materials, not to mention their actual class time.

I spend dozens of hours every exam period working to update and extend the material I present in the Freeman & Jewell LARE Reviews. Just as an example: My section 4 course includes 25 hours of class time, 465 pages of indexed, printed and bound study material, and 208 practice questions and answers including AIT type graphic problems. There are 22 Powerpoint slide shows comprising 470 individual slides in this class alone. Also included is e-mail support after the class for at least 30 days. Coffee, tea and other refreshments, as well as snacks are also included. A wide range of reference materials is brought to the classes for students to review first hand to aid them in determining whether purchasing CLARB recommended references or study guides sold by other entities such as PPI might be of use.

Each year I present a pro bono 2 hour overview and Q&A session for the Northern California ASLA Chapter in San Francisco. I also regularly answer candidate questions here on Land 8 as well as other LARE discussion boards.

What Mr. Wainner is referring to in his work sounds like mentoring candidates on the exam. I wonder if he does any homework prior to doing this? Does he hand out prep materials? Are there any practice questions?

The classes I offer are a professional service, with constantly updated powerpoints and printed materials. While on the surface the classes may seem expensive, I seriously doubt that any other LARE review available offers as much bang for the buck. One of the better features of my courses is the delivery of a comprehensive package of study materials assembled in one document. The standard references listed by CLARB can be overwhelming, and many students are at a loss as to where to begin. In addition, the exam is not school, nor is it practice at an agency or office. It has it's own dynamic, which can be very disconcerting to the candidates. I spend much class time discussing "the CLARB way" of correctly parsing questions and available answers.

In short, I don't feel that I am "taking advantage" of candidates at all. In fact, the last reorganization of the exam in 2012 took 100s of hours of effort to reformat and reorganize my materials due to the change from vignettes to AITs and the fairly random moving around of subject matter into the numbered exam sections.

Comment by Matt Mathes on August 12, 2015 at 8:01am

Vladamir might consider one of UCLA's live prep sessions.

Responding to J. Robert Wainner's comment, my donated time for travel, to organize and teach LARE live prep sessions is all pro-bono since 1995. My live prep sessions thru Chapters reach many active LARE candidates, during past 3 years for 7 to 9 sessions a year.  Agreeing with 1 part of his last comment on July 25 -  "every landscape architect should give back from time to time". The reality is that many candidates don't seek out assistance or attend live prep sessions (next one: Ann Arbor, MI on Sat. Aug 22), so they don't really know what prep for success and avoiding failure looks like.

ASLA National Past President Perry Howard, FASLA started a membership program in early 1990s with a slogan "Each one reach one" -  that  inspired me to write 2 LARE prep books plus spend 7 to 9 of my weekends a year giving my time to help LARE candidates become licensed. 

Responding to Jillene's comment on July 27, approx. 25,000+ landscape architects according to US Commerce Dept.- annual job count of LAs fluctuates with retirements and entering new licensed landscape architects. Federal, state and muni jobs in LA staff roles are included whether licensed or not creating a slight variance compared to the total licensed by each state. Job counts also move up and down with number of housing starts in US and the national economy.

Costs for LARE prep and exam are actually low compared to cost of becoming a doctor or lawyer. Also, costs are low if the candidate is prepared to pass each LARE section in only 1 attempt yet expensive counting all the retakes. Live prep sessions help candidates understand their own needs, making the process efficient and realistic for a "one & done" successful approach. 

Comment by Vladimir on August 11, 2015 at 10:44pm
I'm thinking of start the process how should I start?
1) what kind of studying material and what is the best and more complete study guide?
2) are there any one from the Orange County Ca(Irvine, orange) area that is putting a study group?
Comment by Jillene Sheridan on July 27, 2015 at 9:01am
J.Robert Wainner, thank you for your comments. I think your attitude towards LARE is very common to those of us who have struggled to pass. The extreme cost has never out weighed the benefit and that's a very unfortunate fact. Maybe thats why we have such a low number of LA's.....have we neared the high 5000's yet?
Comment by J. Robert Wainner on July 25, 2015 at 5:01pm

July 25, 2015

As I mentioned below.....It appears to me that not only is CLARB scamming LA candidates with making the LARE exam extremely difficult to pass (the HUGE costs of the exam and prep. courses that so many LA graduates are having to pay for).

I'm seeing several SENIOR LA's on here...offering for a LOT OF $$$, various LARE study seminars.  You guys are just taking advantage of young LA graduates.

I have assisted (2) LA's (who are members of LAND8) and helped them get up to speed on "GRADING"...and I'm happy to say that BOTH of them PASSED the LARE exam and are BOTH Licensed LA's in the States where they live and work.

And, NO.......I didn't charge them a dime to help them.  Giving back to the profession of Landscape Architecture is very rewarding.......and in my opinion, every SENIOR LA should give back from time to time.

J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

Comment by Matt Mathes on June 30, 2015 at 9:01am

LARE Live Prep Session in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Saturday August 22, 2015 8AM to 5PM

Sections 1, 2, 3 & 4

Great Lakes region LARE candidates are invited to a fast moving, affordable, proven successful prep session format that includes strategies for successful prep, drilling with example problems, live instructor, PPI books, slides and handouts. Attend 1 or any combination of sections. The Aug 22 event is part of  the ongoing series by Michigan Chapter ASLA since 2013.

For event location, session content and start times, pricing and registration detail is online at: http://michiganasla.org/wordpress/?page_id=77

Send email with questions to: Joane Slusky, Vice President of Education, MiASLA Chapter at: joane@junosolutions.us

Comment by Cheryl Corson on June 28, 2015 at 5:17am

Corson Learning webinars help Sections 3 & 4 candidates understand what to study, how to interpret multiple response questions, share tips with one another, and get moral support throughout the process. A combination of pre-recorded videos and live Q&A sessions, plus a private member's chat room and live support have proven helpful to participants in the last two years since its inception. Live sessions are happening tomorrow and Wednesday! All live sessions are recorded and posted online later. See: http://corsonlearning.com

Comment by Matt Mathes on February 10, 2015 at 10:27am

LARE Prep Session - February 28 – Chicago

LARE Candidates in the Chicagoland metro area and Great Lakes region are invited to participate in a prep session at the IIT Campus hosted by Illinois ASLA Chapter and sponsored by Bartlett Trees. The format is Section 1 & 2 for two hours, Section 3 and 4 are half day for each section.

For directions, information, session pricing options, sign-up and schedule, go to: http://il-asla.org/meetinginfo.php?id=133&ts=1423079070


LARE Prep Session - March 13 & 14 – Seattle

LARE Candidates in the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett metro area and the Pacific Northwest region are invited to participate in a prep session in a professional office in Renton hosted by SLA Landscape Architecture, LLC. The format is Section 1 & 2 for two hours each, Section 3 and 4 are half day for each section.

For directions, information, session pricing options, sign-up and schedule, send email to event organizer: msmathes@gmail.com



LARE Prep Session - March 27 – Edmonton

LARE Candidates in the Edmonton metro area in Alberta province are invited to participate in a prep session at Urban Systems office in downtown Edmonton hosted by AALA. The format is Section 1 & 2 for two hours, Section 3 for 2 hours and Section 4 for half day.

For directions, information, session pricing options, sign-up and schedule, send email to AALA event coordinator: kpipke@urbansystems.ca


LARE Prep Session - March 28 –  Calgary

LARE Candidates in the Calgary metro area in Alberta province are invited to participate in a prep session at groundworks3 office hosted by AALA. The format is Section 1 & 2 for two hours, Section 3 for 2 hours and Section 4 for half day.

For directions, information, session pricing options, sign-up and schedule, send email to AALA event coordinator: julian@ground3.com


LARE Prep Session - April 3 - Baton Rouge

LARE Candidates in the Gulf Coast region are invited to participate in a prep session in downtown Baton Rouge. The format is Section 1 & 2 for two hours, Section 3 for 2 hours and Section 4 half day, for exam takers in 2015.

For session pricing options, sign-up and schedule, send email to event organizer: msmathes@gmail.com



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