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Made the break

Started this discussion. Last reply by Andrew Garulay, RLA Jun 5, 2013. 13 Replies

Today is day one for me going full time on my own as an LA. I just left my last civil site planning job after almost 7 years - the last two part time so that I could build into my LA office. I did 6…Continue

Celebrate Aesthetics

Started this discussion. Last reply by nca Apr 27, 2013. 4 Replies

"Celebrate Aesthetics ", this should be the mantra that ASLA puts out every day. What is up with our profession? We seem to be so afraid of this with a need to justify everything we do as having a…Continue

Landscape Architects role in rebuilding the world

Started this discussion. Last reply by Roland Beinert Dec 22, 2012. 8 Replies

What is the role of Landscape Architects in the Miyan post-apocolypse? .... answer quickly. Please recommend any AP that might be helpful. ... for MAC.Continue

American Beach Grass vs. Septic Leaching Area

Started Jul 26, 2012 0 Replies

Does anyone have experience or reference regarding American Beach Grass planted over perforated pipe and stone septic leaching fields. Concern was raised about the possibility of the deeply rooted…Continue


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Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Kristen Barre's discussion 'Which has a better employment outlook?'
"Also, don't ignore entry level skills. You can't go far if you can't get through the door."
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to brian matthew walker's discussion 'Grading & Drainage tips, tricks and autocad tools'
"Here is one specific example for a specific circumstance that may inspire you to your own strategies (I also use LT). I often make a small circle into a block that I name "c" that I use in conjunction with the measure command. If I have a…"
Nov 20
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Kristen Barre's discussion 'Which has a better employment outlook?'
"I would recommend a drawing course before learning CAD .... coming from someone who does not draw well by hand. The techniques you'll learn in drawing are applicable to CAD. I would highly recommend learning GIS if you are going into landscape…"
Nov 19
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Brandon Reed's discussion 'LARE TESTING HOAX!?'
"The exam is like a difficult client that you have to satisfy ... the most important skill you can have to be a professional. One more skill set that they are testing for."
Nov 17
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Rob Halpern's discussion 'The Fallacy of "Green": Times Sq. Pop-Up Forest'
"Pop-Up job where there isn't one. "...a local politician's solution to saving a globally-rare wildflower is "I need a plant in my office. Put it in a jar and bring it to me, and I will water it every day." Such attitudes…"
Nov 4
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Katherine Jacobs's discussion 'Career Track in Residential Landscape Design'
"After I got my LA degree I worked for three design/build residential landscape contractors. All of which used the position for design/sales/project management ... with a shovel in my hand as well for two of them. You have to understand why the…"
Nov 3
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Katherine Jacobs's discussion 'Career Track in Residential Landscape Design'
"Get the idea of being a salesman out of your head. Talk about design and construction. If you demonstrate your knowledge and give the prospect confidence the sales will follow. If a sales person is not a designer working for that company, they…"
Nov 2
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Brandon Reed's discussion 'LARE TESTING HOAX!?'
"CLARB has no power on their own. They are empowered because the state licensing boards choose to use them .... that is the outside oversight. The problem, if there is a problem, is that the people on the state boards go with the status quo. That is…"
Nov 1
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Josh Williamson's discussion 'job prospects'
"It sounds like the company that you work for does not charge separately for design services. While that can be an investment which yields results in getting the profits from the build, there is a point of diminishing returns. If the company wants to…"
Oct 25
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Shay's discussion 'Engineering AND Architecture'
"I should mention that one of the CE/LS firms that I worked for was owned by a Licensed Surveyor who also had a MLA from Harvard GSD, but never got licensed simply because he did not have any compelling need to. He is a perfect example of crossover…"
Oct 11
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Shay's discussion 'Engineering AND Architecture'
"Very true. I worked in a civil office that did a lot of work for two separate LA firms that were offspring of the civil office that no longer had any LAs on staff. When I got licensed, the two LA firms stopped using the office that I worked in even…"
Oct 11
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Shay's discussion 'Engineering AND Architecture'
"I worked in a couple of civil engineering offices doing civil site plans although my degree and license were in landscape architecture. We all crossed over and seldom delegated to individuals based on education or license. Sometimes I'd get…"
Oct 9
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Shay's discussion 'Engineering AND Architecture'
"I think you may believe that most jobs in these fields are more specialized than they actually are and the same for firms within these fields.I believe that your future work experience will meld these all together for you whether or not you pursue…"
Oct 9
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Wayne Walker's discussion 'Landscape Design Software & HArdware'
"Just for the record - Vectorworks was designed for mac much like autocad was designed for pc. It is just as logical that Vectorworks runs better on a Mac as it is that AutoCAD runs better on a pc. Whether those differences are significant or not is…"
Oct 5
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Luke Coughlan's discussion 'Do you feel the Landscape Industry lacks interest in 3D Visualization?'
"The question of whether the "landscape industry lacks interest" is not the same as why are not more people using it. Several people gave their reasons why they do not use it. Each time, some people look at it as an attack on using it…"
Sep 14
Andrew Garulay, RLA replied to Luke Coughlan's discussion 'Do you feel the Landscape Industry lacks interest in 3D Visualization?'
"You are going on the assumption that the "lack of interest" is due to "past programs being extremely ineffective and basically not really catering for the needs of landscape architects". I don't think this is the reason that…"
Sep 1

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At 8:54am on October 19, 2013, J. Robert Wainner said…

Hello Andrew;

Read your last comment made some VERY good points!  Sorry, I got so defensive about some of your other comments.

I actually DO believe there are a variety of ways (methods) to get great "creative results"....even if an LA isn't really strong with "hand graphics".  I guess my beef is that so many LAs have pulled away from hand drawing and rely way to heavily on "computer software"...and have for many yrs. now.  LA University Professors haven't been pushing "hand drawing" skills...but, I recently learned from another one of my LAND8 friends who can draw circles around me (who has even published a book with incredible sketches & drawings)....that University professors are beginning to teach hand sketching and graphics again in their LA programs.

I realize it's really NOT the "method" you use to get great design's just seems strange to me that just about all the LA's here on LAND8 seem to talk about is all the issues, problems, and all of the gazillion types of "computer software" programs you can use.  It just seems like over-kill.  Several yrs. ago, a Civil Engineer friend of mine told me that he believed Landscape Architects NEVER should have gone to autoCAD...he said, you guys design loose, more freely...Engineering & Architecture is tight, more precise.  I tend to believe that the companies who develop autoCAD & other drawing computer software saw Landscape Architecture (and Interior Design) as just a way to expand their profits.

Well....I've pretty much been out of the loop the last several years....outside looking in.  I'm just interested.....observing what's going on with our profession.  I apologize to you, Andrew....yeah, I think we're more alike than we both think! *smile*

Best Regards,


At 4:45pm on October 18, 2013, J. Robert Wainner said… you can see below, I have apologized to you in the past.

I don't appreciate the recent "attacks & disrespect" you have shown towards me in the FORUM.  You can believe what you like about "hand drawing skills vs. autoCAD".....but, go ahead and compare your FOLIO samples with mine.  There is no comparison!!! 85% of the projects I have designed have been multi-million dollar 17 different states.  I personally "hand drew" every sketch, prelim. drawing, color rendering, final contract documents, job site visits for the more than 600 projects I've designed.  Only about 15% of the projects I have designed were "residential".  Because I have outstanding "hand drawing" skills...and began my LA career in 1977...I have not seen a need for autoCAD. 

And I graduated 20 yrs. with my LA degree 20 yrs. before you, I don't see WHY you feel like you have all the don't. owe ME an apology for your "smart remarks" towards me....I don't appreciate your attitude!


At 12:10am on June 19, 2013, J. Robert Wainner said…

Dear Andrew;

Listen, I wish to sincerely apologize to you....for you and I getting  "sideways" in the LAND8 discussion about autoCAD and drawing skills.    I didn't intend to offend you....but, I realize that I did. I hope you will forgive my be so insensitive towards you.  I do fully realize that there really are different "methods" of creating & presenting LA designs to clients. I guess I've just sort of "overdosed" on "sketching & hand drafting".  Hey, I have no clue how to do ANY computer software programs. I've been lucky no client has asked me to produce Contract Documents on autoCAD. As it is...if I get a major design project in the future, I will find myself in a position where I will have to hire a young LA (who has autoCAD skills) to do the production drawings for me. I also can not do perspective drawings or birdseye view sketches...only "Plan Graphics & Elevations", I definitely have lack some skills that I wish I had.

Take care up there......I hope business is very good for you throughout the Summer months!

Very Respectfully Yours,


At 5:00am on October 25, 2011, henry cohen said…
Andrew, did you see the bio about Ed last week. I tuned in but it wasn't on.
At 7:13am on October 16, 2011, henry cohen said…

Andrew, thanks for the heads up, I will definitely watch it. That will be more then likely be my last sports related program to watch. After the Phills going out in the first round and the Eagles having a miserable season, I'm tires of having my heart ripped out and stomped upon.

My new sports to follow are curling and indoor Canadian quoits. 

At 9:19am on July 14, 2011, Sam Gordon said…

Hey Andrew!

I'm Sam, and I am currently a summer student enrolled in a Landscape Architecture class at the University of Maryland. I am very interested in the profession. 

For a class project, I am using Land8Lounge as a place to ask landscape architects from around the world a few questions about their field. I came across a few of your posts in the forum, and browsed through some of your work as well. You seem very passionate about your work; I love it!

So if you are at all interested in participating, then feel free to write me back. 




At 4:21am on July 9, 2011, Craig Anthony said…
Thanks Andrew I've been a fan of yours for some time now.
At 7:45pm on July 5, 2011, Craig Anthony said…

A real strange vibe.

Thanks for the invitation Andrew.

At 5:34pm on March 30, 2011, Craig A Raines said…
I recall the names and remember them somewhat. As i recall my social circle did not interface with theirs all that frequently. Are they practicing LA's...Remember Kate? She ended up being a professor there at Idaho
At 9:00am on February 27, 2011, Craig A Raines said…

Been married for 17 years, two daughters (who do not want to be landscape architects). I had my own business for 7 years but know i work for the city of los angeles department of rec and parks. I work in the advance planning section of the planning department. You ask what 'Advance planning' is and its basically me sitting around thinking up cool types spaces and then doing it. I was lucky with the skate stuff as I am real good friends with Rob Dyrdek and Steve Berra and I got us to do some public private partnerships with us along with NIKE......I am pretty fourtunate in that i feaking love what i do!!


I know how it is working with civil eng as i work way back then for the county of los angeles department of public works and it blew big time as the civils and i never really saw eye to eye on anything.


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