10 of The Best Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube for Landscape Architects


Youtube has a lot to offer when it comes to Photoshop tutorials, check out these top 10 and see for yourself. So much is expected of you as a landscape architect. It is necessary to acquire the skills and knowledge that is needed to be successful in this field. Whether you are a professional, student or merely taking an interest in landscape architecture, it soon becomes apparent that time and instruction in the office or studio are not enough on its own. You must also put effort in on your own time to develop your craft and design skills. Luckily enough, there is a plethora of online resources for us to dig our fingers into. One important program that is used in the landscape architect’s tool belt is Adobe’s Photoshop. This program is widely used is the design field and is especially prominent in landscape architecture – from simple photo touch ups to complex collage making. The most efficient form of an online resource I have found is tutorial videos. They can be much quicker and more fluid than huge textbooks. So here is a list of 10 YouTube Photoshop tutorials that I have used and have gained from. I hope you can take advantage of these, and develop your skills as well.

Photoshop Tutorials

1. Adding Grass And Collage In Photoshop by Alex Hogrefe Alex Hogrefe’s tutorials have been a vast resource for me – especially his YouTube videos. In this one, he simply shows you a quick and effective method of turning a simple SketchUp render into something life-like and photorealistic. While his videos are mostly silent he still includes text for direction.. I highly recommend his other videos, and website to brush up on some of your Photoshop and SketchUp skills. WATCH: Architectural Illustrations: Photoshop Landscape Tutorial

2. Photoshop Post Work Breakdown/Render A 3D Model by Ronen Bekerman – Pixelflakes Pixel Flakes is another vast resource or advanced render techniques, especially using Photoshop. I would recommend these tutorials for users who are already comfortable with Photoshop. One vital thing about this walkthrough is that the base files are included (check the description on the video) so you can follow along to the T. I highly recommend checking out Pixelflakes’ website, as well as Ronen Bekerman. WATCH: Shipyard Photoshop Breakdown by PixelFlakes

3. AutoCAD to Photoshop And Render by Site Design Tool This was one of the first videos that got me into Photoshop rendering. It very clearly explains how to take work from AutoCAD to Photoshop and then how to render – he even compares his hand render to the computer render, and the results are spectacular. While this is a longer one, I highly recommend it to anyone just starting out in landscape architecture, it is essential. WATCH: AutoCAD to Photoshop II

4. The Basics by Design course So far, this list has been for people who are already accustomed to Photoshop and know how to use it, but let’s include one that takes you from square one. This tutorial will walk you around the basic interface and how to set up Photoshop. The whole series will be even more beneficial if you want to start from the beginning. WATCH: A Quick Introduction to Photoshop CC For Beginners

5. Digital Painting by Shaddy Safadi Digital painting is something that can be extremely helpful to your workflow. Whether you have the most basic tablet or the brand new Wacom board, you can really produce your ideas well through digital painting. A side note – digital rendering with a board of some sort is not a replacement for pen and paper. Digital painting, for me, is something that is a skill you need to learn in order to become proficient. It will not immediately replace your marker pens. Included in this video is a fantastic brush set free for download that I often use.I say give it a shot! WATCH: Shaddy Safadi Digital Painting-000

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6. SketchUp to Photoshop by SketchUp Basecamp One of the trends you’ll see when it comes to these immaculate perspective renderings produced with Photoshop is that at their core there is a basic 3D model. Whether you use SketchUp, Blender, Civil 3D, 3D Max, Rhino or any other 3D modeling program, importing the models into Photoshop rapidly speed up your rendering process. Here is a great tutorial on how to bring SketchUp models into Photoshop for rendering. Check out our other articles on Landscape Architects Network about SketchUp, such as Top 10 Hints & Tricks For SketchUp and 10 Incredible Plugins For SketchUp! WATCH: SketchUp and Photoshop

7. Seamless Textures by BelYo Using textures in Photoshop for landscape architecture needs is vital. You need to be able to repeat images and make them look like they all bind together endlessly. Here is a quick tutorial on how to easily achieve that. I also recommend becoming a member of some texture websites in order to find a decent resource for your textures. WATCH: Seamless Textures With Photoshop

8. Adding People by ARQUII9 Visualization I’ve found one of the essential parts of doing collages and post processing in Photoshop is including a sense of scale. People can immediately bring a sense of scale to any perspective. A tree with no one standing next to it could be any height, but include a person standing next to that tree, and the brain can automatically assess the scale for the rest of the rendering. So here’s a great tutorial on how to add people to your files. WATCH: Post Production in Photoshop – Inserting People – Tutorial

9. Adding Depth With Shadows by JustThisGood Photoshop Tutorials Partnered with adding entourage it is vitally important to add shadows, This gives your renderings depth and feeling. They’re a small detail that takes your drawing from good to great! WATCH: Photoshop Cs5 Tutorial: Add a Realistic Shadow to an object

10. Cutting Out A Tree by SOLID GRAPHICS And last on the list is a tutorial on how to cut out a tree from your photos. This can be extremely helpful if you want to use site-specific vegetation in your drawings. You should save these in a texture folder once clipped out, so that you can use them in the future for other renderings! WATCH: How to Cut-Out aTree using Photoshop


Photoshop Tutorials to help you be a better landscape architect

Please take the time to check out all of these videos, because I know they have all helped me in the past to become a better landscape architect with Photoshop. I also recommend Digital Drawing For Landscape Architecture. This is a great textbook that will take you from day one to professional renderings in a single book. Digital technology in landscape architecture is becoming more and more prominent in the 21st century. While hand drawing, I say, is still absolutely necessary, students of our practice need to be proficient with these new tools. I hope these tutorials can help you do just that! Recommended reading: 

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