Darth Vader’s Guide to Landscaping

Darth Vader's Guide to Landscaping

“Darth Vader’s Guide to Landscaping” (The Infographic)

Guest contributor Mike James delights us with his wit and creative abilities bringing two of his passions together: gardening and Star Wars! The result introduces us to the advantages of landscaping vs Joining the Galactic Empire. Even for LAN this is a bit out there, but everyone that know’s LAN knows we like to do things a bit different. So what better place to merge the dark force and the gardens forks. Comments are welcome, tell us what you think in the comments section all the way down the bottom of this page.

Darth Vader’s Guide to Landscaping

"Darth Vader's Guide to Landscaping"

So, now you have a comprehensive overview of the advantages of landscaping Vs Joining the Galactic Empire. Which one will you choose?

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Infographic contributed by Mike James.

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