Elisa García, Writer

Elisa García, Writer

Elisa is a young architect born in Madrid although she grew up by moving from city to city, which gives her a really mixed background and open perspectives. Now Elisa lives in the Canary Islands, where she has recently finished a Bachelor in Architecture that woke up in her a special interest in public space design. As a student Elisa realized how Landscape Architecture allowed her to work together with multiple fields that she is keen on such as sociology, gardening, urban art or innovative design. Meeting nice people, keeping in touch with nature and animals and developing creativity are very important for Elisa, but she has a wider range of interests and some hobbies like travelling and exploring new places on foot, swapping vegetarian recipes, going surfing and doing yoga. As she really enjoys reading, some years ago Elisa took part in writing workshops and then she faced the challenge of sharing her writings with others. She is not very talkative on social networks, although she is aware of what is happening about new technologies and communication. When it comes to landscape architecture Elisa says: “Through Landscape Architecture we have the challenge to bring out the best of any place and provide social spaces where citizens can express and develop themselves both individually and as a community. Public spaces reveal a lot about the essence of cities and life behind their walls, so this is a really sensitive and complex matter. I usually think about it in terms of a kind of glue that keeps together the performers of urban life”. We’re so happy to have Elisa on board and she has got off to a flying start with LAN having already submitted several popular articles, catering for a wide range of interests that interlink with aspects of landscape architecture in their own unique way. You can see an example of Elisa’s work in our article all about 3 incredible treehouse designs LAN

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