How do architects provide services in this pandemic?

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    Harrold Burns

    Hi! We know that several businesses change their ways due to the pandemic. We’re about to hire architects in Birmingham UK, but we’re a bit hesitant because we want to ensure our safety. So, has anyone here recently hired such professionals? Do they follow safety protocols? Can they provide their services online? Please, let me know. Thanks!

    Leslie B Wagle

    You might want to ask this on but I’ll wade in as a landscape architect. Both are professions that should have adapted well over the past year. Discuss it with your selected firm. I would think they could do a zoom type meeting if you don’t feel comfortable with a face to face using masks and social distancing. Most have websites now that provide portfolios for review, and the members can answer what you need to know about how they would approach the specific project. Beyond that, sending pdf files of their progress graphics or short videos, etc. on line should be a way around having direct contact, and allows for vitual collaboration on distant projects without personnel travel. Good luck.


    The details will vary from place to place but some aspects of the services can be done remotely. If you can discuss a project and ask questions to the client over the phone, you can do it over Skype, Zoom, etc. However, architects and building designers may need to conduct on-site visits. Regarding meeting over Zoom, employees and staff in a firm will most likely be doing that in some configuration involveing working from home. When conducting a meeting over Zoom or like meeting, you won’t be wearing a mask. This is how this kind of activity in firms have been done but their also have been a significant disruption in architectural services especially those involving existing buildings (namely historic buildings) where you don’t have existing architectural plans for and need to prepare As-is set of plans of the existing condition. This requires on-site work. This can and sometimes also applies to landscape architecture / landscape design with site features that needs to be documented. You need to go on site to make measurements, documents, etc. This is where things have been somewhat more complicated. You can’t exactly do this from remote and you also don’t have much control over the project site as far as making sure surfaces and so forth have been decontaminated or anything to make sure the antiviral/antibacterial sterilization using stuff design to kill even coronavirus. As the pandemic is inching closer and closer to being behind us, we’ll be in better shape to return to normal incrementally.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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