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    OK, it’s now 2019. I’ve done a little research on-line trying to get a handle on what Landscape Architect’s salaries are these days.

    There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about “free college educations”…and college graduates with huge college loan debts they can pay off. Is the COST of a a 4 or 5 year LA degree really worth it?

    On…I read that “Entry Level” Landscape Architects are being paid $45,200.00 or approx. $20.74 per hour. Well, if you consider some politicians in America are pushing for a $15 per hour minimum wage (for unskilled labor jobs)…that sure makes an entry level LA job pay look VERY LOW. I’ve seen LA jobs for Entry Level even lower…at $37,000.00. A Design-Build Co. here in the Dallas, Texas area has posted an AD for a “Landscape Architect” – salary of $40,000.00 (and this company has no other LAs). In my professional opinion, that inexperienced LA will seriously struggle working for a company that has no experienced LAs to mentor him/her…that LA will be totally lost and the Co. Owner won’t understand why he/she doesn’t know what they’re doing.

    I saw an AD for an LA posted on…must have 3-5 yrs. exp. (salary is $50k).

    We also have to consider the city, State….location of the LA job. IMO, an LA position in say California or NY probably won’t pay much higher than the rest of the Country. But, in those 2 States, you have to deal with the very high cost of living and high State income taxes.

    And, as I have mentioned on other threads here on LAND 8…..The U.S. Bureau of Statistics states that the profession of Landscape Architecture will grow at ONLY 6% over the next 10 years. Meaning only 1,600 new jobs will created for LAs in the next 10 years. There are approx. 75 U.S. Universities that offer LA degree programs (4 or 5 year & MLA programs)…undergraduate classes for those 75 Universities have 30 to 60 graduates per year. So, I’m wondering where all those LA graduates will get an LA job???

    So, considering some of the issues I have learned in my recent research…..I’m wondering if pursuing a career in Landscape Architecture is going to be attractive to high school graduates going forward.

    And, no, I don’t believe that every high school graduate is entitled to a FREE college education. For one, not every HS graduate should attend a University. There are many other professions to pursue that do not require a college degree. And, the college drop-out rate is pretty high. Are those drop-outs going to reimburse the U.S. Gov’t if they only attend a 4 yr. degree program for 1 or 2 years?

    I’m wondering what other LA graduates (regardless of where you are in your LA career) think about SALARIES for Landscape Architects. Is the direction of the Landscape Architecture profession in the right direction?

    J. Robert (Bob) Wainnner

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