Joanna Łaska, writer

Joanna Łaska

Joanna was born in 1994 in a town near Szczecin in Poland. But at the age of 11 her family had to move to Ireland. She quickly fell in love with the country and since the very first day in this picturesque country, she considered herself more Irish than Polish. So it can be assumed that she comes from the Irish town of Carlow. Since she remembers, she has always wanted to be a landscape architect- it came naturally to her. But, she owes her pursuit of landscape architecture somewhat to her grandad, who is an engineer and he was the first one to show her how to draw houses in 3D, rather than draw them made up of squares and triangles. She was quick to find out it’s the gardens near the houses that she preferred to draw. It was obvious she was going to be a landscape architect one day. She lived her whole life hoping she’ll become a landscape architect one day, but then, just two years before her Leaving certificate- thanks to her former English teacher- she truly fell in love with the English language. Though by the time she could speak the language so well she sometimes used to forget some words in Polish, she never realised how beautiful the language actually is- until that one day in secondary school, where her English teachers changed, and she saw, for the first time in her life, that a teacher can be unbelievably inspiring. She started to read even more, she also started to write so much that she cannot simply count the amount of blogs she’s had since then. And this is when she started to face the dilemma of her life- did she still want to be a landscape architect or an English teacher? Having moved back to Poland in August 2012, she has decided to make a choice, where she didn’t have to make a choice at all. She decided to apply to Landscape Architecture in Szczecin and, simultaneously apply for a job in few of the language schools in that city. Four out of the five schools she had applied to wanted to employ her, and also she passed all her drawing exams for college.

The Infinite Bridge

The Infinite Bridge. Photo credit: Aarhus I Billeder

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Since October 2012, she has been a student and a teacher at the same time, proving to herself that there is no such a thing as “impossible” and that choices in life don’t always have to be difficult- it’s just a matter of figuring a way around them. But just because she has found a way to compromise the two things she has enjoyed the most in her life, doesn’t mean she stopped improving. In 2014, she decided to make herself a Christmas Present and decided to take the Cambridge Proficiency in English exam– and passed it. A few months have passed and she decided to take her writing to a new level- and this is how she’s here today. Making her one lucky person to do all these things she loves. All of these teach her how to push her barriers further and further each and every day. And all of these things make her extremely happy. The thing she’s planning to do next is to figure out how to make all of these things work together even after she finishes her studies. When it comes to Landscape Architecture Joanna says: “First of all landscape architecture is still being strongly underrated. It is the core of our society and the environment we live in, and yet a vast amount of us simply do not notice is. Landscape architecture is important on so many levels- starting from the simple aesthetics of our surroundings to the psychological sphere of our lives. Good landscape planning can help improve the standard of our everyday lives and also, help us enjoy our surroundings more. I think that the true importance of landscape architecture is in its ability to change the way we experience space. To me, being a landscape architect is simply being psychoanalytic of space and its users. Our job is not limited only to making the outer space look good, but also, we have to analyse our perception of the space- how it affects us and how can we take the best out of it. Landscape architects are thoroughly responsible for the friendliness of our surroundings- in that large scale like towns and cities, as well as those more private spaces- like our back gardens”. We are excited to have Joanna with us. Her enthusiasm and drive inspire us to look at landscape architecture differently and help us all understand our environment better. If you would like to volunteer and join the LA Team as a writer, then contact us today at and request to find out more information. Return to Homepage

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