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On a good day we plan it, on a great day we live it!

Join us – we’re on a mission!

We don’t take on jobs just to pay the bills (#nodollargenerals or single family subdivisions here). Our clients are local champions and officials putting their necks out to enact positive change, and when the job gets hard, we’re motivated by wanting these heroes to win. Our clients’ success means we’ve got another awesome town to visit, trail to ride, or park to play in with our kids.

We’re on a mission to design legacy public spaces people give a damn about.

DbD is made up of three departments: planning, communications and design. Our planners are experts at galvanizing communities and leveraging assets into unheard of opportunities. We lean on our communications team to tell compelling stories and create killer destination brands.

And our design team? Think Mad Men ad agency meets traditional design studio (but without the two-pack a day habit or racy secretaries). Our design team is led by landscape architects. We aren’t called in to “shrub it up” after others have botched the site; we’ve redesigned the LA game where we dream it, plan it, fund it, and then lead teams of allied professionals to execute amazing projects. In short, we like to do cool things.

Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia’s founder, said it best, “Let my people go surfing”. For us, this might mean hitting the mountain for the first big snow or exploring the historic streets of a new town. Once a quarter, we give our staff an extra paid day off to experience life outside of a typical vacation. We call these “Live it Days” because on a good day we “design it,” but on a great day we “live it.”

Maybe you’re a bit like us – we want happy, hungry and humble people to join our team.

You know the type, maybe you even are the type. Regardless, you’re our type…

The OG Project Manager:
You’ve been working for a large firm or maybe even had your own practice. You’re nearing retirement but not quite ready to fully leave the game. Retiring in the NC mountains has always been a dream and you have a strong desire to project manage and mentor junior landscape architects.

The Hard Hat Hero:
You like to see things get built and let contractors know who’s boss. You realize that all of the previous hard work of planning, funding, and detailing comes down to effective contract administration. You know how to put out a fire and are ready to jump in when the contractor facetimes you from Main St. with 5 guys in a hole saying, “Hey bud. You’d better come down here and take a look at this.”

The CADster:
You love CAD. When you close your eyes at night you see beautiful polylines on a black backdrop. You know how to take conceptual design and turn it into a tight construction document set.

The Designer:
You hate CAD. Curvy lines are your jam and you explain your ideas with a pen in hand. You’ve got more creativity in the tip of your pinky than most people will ever have. When you’re in peak flow, time stops until your ideas are transferred to paper.

At DbD, your opportunity to advance is limitless. The money part’s easy – it’s all out there for the taking and with your help we’ll go get more of it. The intangibles, like purpose and autonomy, are where we separate ourselves from the herd. We think we’re doing something pretty awesome and we’re not looking for another cog to plug into the machine. We want the machine maker.

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