Kerb18 Announces Their First Competition: Plasticity Fantasticity

Students at RMIT Landscape Architecture and editors of this year’s KERB18 have announced their first ever international design competition – PlastiCity FantastiCity the search for the future city. They are looking for, “a multidisciplinary approach to discover new potentials and possibilities within the world and in particular for the Landscape Architecture profession.”

Curious about the name? Me, too. Here’s how they defined it on the competition brief:

PlastiCity (pro-noun)

1. The theory that a space’s most beautiful quality can often be the way in which it is continually made by those who inhabit it.
2. The projection of a speculative world into a pragmatic application.

FanstastiCity (pro-noun)

1. A world of limitless possibilities.
2. The city that exists in your mind, living in your wildest dreams and your most peculiar sketches.

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