LAM’s New Look: Simple Design. Big Impact.

The much awaited redesign of LAM is finally here.  This is the first major redesign in 15 years and they are marking the occasion by offering access to its online version for freeThe new cover was designed by Design Army, who “really hit the mark,” says Editor-in-Chief Bradford McKee.  “The cover is meant to inspire excitement, surprise, and intrigue about landscape architecture. I wanted it to be simple, contemporary and distinctive.”


I am curious to hear the opinions of those of you that are committed readers of the magazine.  What were your first thoughts when you received it in the mail?


For those who haven’t read the magazine in a while, would the new cover inspire you to pick up a copy?


To view the new issue online, visit

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  1. I think the new cover looks great, I am excited to see what other changes are in store for us inside.

  2. Thank goodness.

  3. thank god!

  4. I’d rather have more substantial and relevant content than a cover redesign…  Since the economic bomb dropped on this country LAM (the magazine that represents our professional society), has largely ignored the effect it has had on this community.  For months and months it was business as usual.  I’m so disappointed with ASLA and LAM that it makes me sick.  I’ll stop it here to avoid a long rambling rant, but I don’t care one bit about the cover…

  5. Overall I think it is well done.  It seems that the title block “Landscape Architecture Magazine” is a little too understated but I really like the contemporary and clean look of the cover.

  6. Beautiful image and beautiful magazine

  7. Sean, this might be the change you were hoping for. I don’t believe LAM hired a new Editor-in-Chief just to give the magazine a fresh look (they could have hired a graphic designer for that), but because they realized the magazine needed to take a new direction. I believe this is their response to the criticism they received from their readers (you and I). The cover redesign, besides being long overdue, is really just a first step to a new magazine. At least, this is what I am hoping. And personally, I am going to give them a chance to prove that to me.


    Who else wants to make 2011 the year of positive thinking?

  8. We work for change and we always hope it is for the better. Where would life be without change. I would till be in the crib.  Good job, keep positive and keep working for the betterment of all mankind.

    Dr Robert E McGinnis

    In Search Of Paradise

  9. looks fantastic!  long overdue

  10. Don’t know what it looked like before, but I just dislike having adverts on every next page. That is not just a problem of this particular magazine btw. Apart from that it looks fresh.

  11. I just got my copy.  It looks like the USPS sent it through a paver tumbler.  After I sort through the torn and wrinkled pages, I will form an opinion on the content.

  12. Nice Product design magazine, but…..Where is the Landscape ?

  13. Nice layout & design. Don’t like the half-tone and small fonts used in captions and elsewhere. Is more work to read than previous version. (Yeah – I know. I’m a fossil!) My first reaction seeing the cover was OH WOW! They did a redesign – about time.

  14. It is seems that the total magazine design is using  mainly photograph and illustrate , drawing,

    I think It’s more easy to read the magazine !

    Very helpful for people who using other language in always !

  15. I’m just glad to finally see north arrows on most of the projects featured. Overall, I like the new design vocabulary and thank goodness for white space!

  16. Didn’t even recognize it at first. Cleaner, more sophisticated first look. Haven’t read it yet. I am hoping that balanced critiques of landscape architecture and research notes dominate. Pictures are nice, but so is reasoned commentary. drc

  17. Daniel Tal’s review of Shaderlight renderer for Sketchup is brilliant.  I added further comments on the sketchup rendering software forum-

  18. I agree with Peter’s previous comment that the small type and pictures make the new mag very hard to read. That is the main reason I can’t comment much on the content. I am no spring chicken and my eyes are worse than my age, but with the huge amount of boomers (I hate that term) hitting their 50’s and 60’s, there has to be a lot of people who have similar trouble seeing the small type. Overall I think the image seems overly concerned with style, which is usually and indication of lack of substance.

  19. Just got my Feb. copy wrapped in cellophane.  Only a couple little rips this time.  The paper seems thinner than before.  I agree with Thomas on the small type.  My 50 year old eyes like it bigger.  I would gladly sacrifice the large amount of “white space”.  Also the diagonal hatch under the text adds to the difficulty reading.  It is better when the background is solid such as the technique employed on page 101.  The stylish and playful “Some Assembly Required” article made me skip all of the text and just look at the pics.  A focus on content and photos of projects give the magazine its life, in my opinion.  Overall the look is interesting and I will enjoy reading the whole rag when I find my glasses.

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