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24-Apr-2017 – Latest News Landscape Architecture April by Brett Lezon | Edition No. 4 out of 4 In this week’s Latest News in Landscape Architecture we feature a lively, proposed children’s area for the McKee Botanical Garden, highlight the 2017 World Landscape Architecture award winners, and examine pocket parks in Mexico City. Additionally, we showcase a book about the link between what’s built and our well-being, and don’t forget our YouTube Tutorial of the Week! This week we share a resource on portfolio techniques.

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10 of the Best Stories in This Week’s Latest News Landscape Architecture April:

  • Free High-Quality 3D Trees for Renders in Sketchup – Arch Viz – Laubwerk [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]
  • Urban Infrastructure: The Growing Influence of Atlanta’s BeltLine
  • Shanghai is Planning a Massive 100-Hectare Vertical Farm to Feed 24 Million People
  • Movement and Meaning: The Landscapes of Hoerr Schaudt [Book Review of the Week]
  • 15 Cities Tackling Pollution by Curbing Cars
  • Pollution in Kathmandu: Interventions Needed
  • A Green Infrastructure Guidebook for City Planners
  • Winner of Urban Land Institute Competition Highlights Chicago Roots
  • Chinese Launch Marks 11th Language Release of Vectorworks 2017
  • Building a Better Future for Street Trees

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  • How to Make an Architectural Portfolio (for Architects, Interns and Students) [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]

WATCH >>> How to make an architectural portfolio (for Architects, Interns and Students)

Throughout, this 16-minute tutorial, the presenter demonstrates how to create or refresh your portfolio through a how-to guide. From the differences between a hard copy and digital, promotion strategies, and content—this review is certain to assist with your portfolio development. Related Article: 8 Essential Tips to Make a Knockout Landscape Portfolio

Recently, Times Square celebrated the completion of its six-year transformation—replacing cars with public, gathering space. “We doubled the amount of pedestrian space,” says Craig Dykers, co-founder of the architecture firm Snøhetta. While the design team didn’t alter the design too much, instead it focused on creating a “kind of cultural hub.” However, one thing Snøhetta did do was design five different benches and installed them throughout the plazas to encourage a range of sitting postures. Related Article: Top 10 Public Squares of the World WATCH >>> Snohetta Times Square renovation: Craig Dykers at TEDxBroadway

Plans are underway in Vero Beach, Florida to add a playful addition to McKee Botanical Garden. A fairy forest, a pirate ship tree house, a splash garden, and a lily pad lawn are a few of the features, which will be led by landscape architect Emmanuel Didier. “Every parent and grandparent would like to see their kids get off their devices for a while. Get them outdoors and they thrive,Christine Hobart, McKee executive director said. “Children learn by exploration and creative play and the new Children’s Garden is like stealth education. It’s designed so the kids won’t even realize they’re learning.” Hobart hopes to break ground this summer with a soft opening scheduled for December 2018 and the grand opening in January 2019. Related Article: Landscapes Designed for Children – How to Go Wild and Natural

Taking us on a fascinating journey through some of the world’s best and worst landscapes, buildings, and cityscapes, Sarah Williams Goldhagen draws from recent research in cognitive neuroscience and psychology to demonstrate how people’s experiences of the places they build are central to their well-being, their physical health, their communal and social lives, and even their very sense of themselves. From this foundation, Goldhagen presents a powerful case that societies must use this knowledge to rethink what and how they build: the world needs better-designed, healthier environments that address the complex range of human individual and social needs.

With summer fast approaching, the destination experts highlighted their top city parks from around the globe. Although, the obvious choices such as Central Park, Tiergarten, and Vondelpark are on the list—it also includes lesser known gems like Dunbars Close (Edinburgh), Lamma Island (Hong Kong), and Bang Kra Jao (Bangkok). Related Article: 6 Parks That Make the World a Better Place to Live More Top Stories in the News This Week

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