Leaders in Landscape Architecture Assess the Profession

I wanted to share this roundtable report conducted by Landscape Forms. They sat down with 24 leaders in Landscape Architecture to assess the economy and how it is impacting the profession. Here is a description from their website:

“On May 11, 2010 twenty four leaders in landscape architecture gathered at the Elysian Hotel in Chicago for a moderated roundtable discussion sponsored by Landscape Forms and the Landscape Architecture Foundation. The purpose was to share ideas on how current economic realities are impacting landscape architecture practice, how firms are responding to the challenge, and how participants see the prospects for the profession. Guests came from fifteen states and all regions of the country, from small proprietor-led practices and large interdisciplinary firms.” Via landscapeforms

As always, I am interested to hear your thoughts…

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  1. I wish I was there

  2. Thanks for putting the report together….I look forward to reading it today…..are there any videos of the discussions?

  3. Great discussion!

  4. Good comments and observations! 2011 will be a better year…for the profession.

  5. it’s a must read people!

  6. Looks somewhat grim towards the middle and picks up near the end. As I expected. This line of work really is changing.

  7. It`s a great thing,i wish if their is something like this for the profession in Egypt & the Middle east.

  8. Andrew, thanks for sharing this with land8lounge members. We are grateful to the Landscape Architects who attended and shared their success strategies with the profession at large via our roundtable report. @Kellie sorry there is not a video of the roundtable, but your feedback is helpful for future consideration. Anything else we could do better next time?

  9. Good Idea Andrew……..

  10. Hm..very theoretical..
    How about identifying some specific laws that when backed or passed, will create work for LA;s..
    the Visual Impact Assesment requirement in SEQR is keeping us pretty busy..And it seems to me like whole professions are created by legal requirements.
    That is as far as I can go with that thought, but I would think a little work could come up with some specific legal requirements that would instantly generate work..

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