• J. Robert (Bob) Wainner posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    @edwardflaherty ………Just my “opinion” here, but, I’m not sure WHY any Landscape Architect would consider accepting an LA position “overseas”. For one, few locations are really SAFE for Amerians. Back in 2005, I was offered a Senior LA position with Belt Collins (in their Hong Kong, China brach office…where they had 120 LAs working at the time)…I respectfully declined their generous “offer”. I chose instead to remain state side near family and friends. NOW, look at Hong Kong….what a MESS!!! Just way too many obstacles to over come putting yourself in a foreign Nation….cultural differences, food, not having the Freedoms we enjoy here in the U.S., crime issues…being way too far from family and friends & you really can’t safely take your pets with you. And, of course, the language barriers are very difficult. If I were an LA of any age or any experience level….I would definitely have to say ‘NO” to an LA position in ANY foreign Nation….it’s just NOT worth the risk!

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