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In Spokane, Washington I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Dave Nelson of Landscape Expressions, and he fed me with some information that I will do my best to hold true to as I continue to pursue the profession of landscape architecture. He is a very inspiring individual having done designs for places such as Microsoft, REI, and Eddie Bauer to name a few. The first thing that he made sure to stress is the necessity to spend as much time as possible in the construction game. The more you know about any material and having been in the actual process of construction the more understanding one’s designs can become. Another pointer that Mr. Nelson stressed is the fact that a designers resume is to look nothing like that of a lawyer’s or a business major’s. You have to dazzel, jump off the page, make the firm or studio or client remember you. I agree whole-heartedly with everything that he had to say and our conversation inspired me to take this trip to the next level and really launch myself into the cross country journey. 

One last thing that Mr. Nelson stressed was how much LA’s have to actually write. This was something that I was very excited to hear because I have had a recent surge of energy towards wanting to write. Whether that be journaling, or memoirs, or narratives, or informational I don’t know yet, I’m kinda giving it all a try. Each and every day I am getting more excited about what I am doing and I feel like that is one of the greatest feelings one can achieve.IMG_2064.JPG

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