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I am excited that the Employer Interview blog posts (especially last week’s) are starting to generate some comments! This is one of the reasons I thought it would be interesting to post them and see how the employers are similar, where they differ, and where that applies to what we (as job seekers) are showing them. Thanks for reading, and keep it up!

The week before, I briefly touched on the order of the materials you are presenting. I also brought up some print portfolio resources a while ago. I recently come across three videos so comprehensive they doesn’t need anything from me save an introduction. I mentioned in the blog post on print resources (other companies that provide similar services like Lulu, PaperChase, and HP’s Magcloud) and I was pleasantly surprised to find these three videos on the Blurb website that deal with designing books for print (for photographers, specifically, but we’ll let that slide). The advice in them was intended for professionally printed and bound books, but the advice also applies to portfolios that are sheets within a portfolio cover, and, if you have a bit of imagination, to web design as well.

So without any further delay, take a peek at these three videos:

Video on sequence design: an hour long, it is worth hanging on and listening to the questions and answers at the end.

Video on book layout and design: discusses everything from page layout to typography and even gets into cover design. This one is my favorite of the three, and also about an hour long, and also has good questions at the end.

Video on cover design: only 35 minutes, watch this one only if you will be making a book that has a printed cover.

I am working on a future post that deals with page layout, so if you have something you’d like to show me that you’d like me to consider using in that post, please feel free to contact me about it.

Next time, we’ll take on typography


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