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Sure, I can write! Every trained designer can write, but therein lies the problem: We are all spawned by this vessel of academia to create well-constructed arguments in an attempt to make our generic positions stand out from one another. It’s like going to a bad house club where they only play remixes of the Black Eyed Peas and every track just seems the same.

Landscape is not consumed in this way — we learn it, and it’s more about spontaneity, variety, and life. Think about what we do: We make the free and accessible space around the islands of architecture. Landscape is like the river — it surrounds and connects the fabric where we live. We make and analyze the moments in that river.

Revolutions Occur in the Landscape!

To me, landscape is the top and the bottom at the same time. When we are homeless, we end up in the landscape. When a Queen is crowned, they parade her though the landscape. Revolutions occur in the landscape! When we need to dance, we go to the landscape (because the pretentious in the city complain about the noise!). When we sneak out of work to have a quiet coffee or puff, we go to the landscape. Some of the best moments of our day are spent traveling through the landscape. We see each other in the landscape.

Landscape is freedom from the cage. It is one of the few places where we have true choice. It is the river that makes the islands livable. I love landscape, and I’m sick of it being discussed like it’s another quaint Faberge egg in some stupid rich person’s collection. It’s not a quaint object for whimsical comment or smug analysis; it’s a special place that makes life livable.

Join LAN today!

Join LAN today!

Let it Live the Way it Lives, and We’ll Take it Further! LAN and others have altered the way we consume landscape. They have made the wide world of international landscape a series of beautiful moments that I consume throughout my day while checking out the snot and bother on my news feed. It’s like riding my bike throughout the world, seeing many levels of beauty, excess, things I don’t really care about or have never thought about. Somewhere in this, I find places to stop, explore, and maybe even call my own.

This is closer to my real-life interactions than in an over-analytical magazine or journal. Sure, they have their place, but I’m not applying to Topos.  You guys make my industry accessible, which is what I try to do in practice. You have not turned landscape into a code for the elite or taken the beautiful and turned it into a dry dust bowl no one can understand. Designers are strange creatures who often kill what they don’t understand. You guys let it live the way it lives, and we take it further.

The landscape is real, people are real, and your writers should be real, because a lot of the stuff out there seems guarded and dead. So if you share these values and perceptions, why not join us as a writer of the landscape? Be the nature lover that volunteers to promote our atmospheric surroundings and its beauties. Apply today!

Article written by Stuart Beekmeyer.

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