“Sustainability” is so ten years ago — Let’s talk “Resilience”

Aftershocks Require More than Sustainability

Resilience in the face of natural and economic disaster is a new requirement for survival.

Ben Brown observes:

“In a sense, living organisms could always be fairly certain that a shaking of some kind was on the way. Life on earth has been shaped by violence, by sudden upheavals and reversals of fortune for one hapless population or another. Foreboding is written into the human psyche. It’s only recently that we’ve felt entitled to be spared.”

“Living in the path of potential catastrophe, whether from oil spills or hurricanes or a sudden churning in the world economy, requires flexibility and adaptability.”

Source: PlaceShakers, April 15, 2011

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  1. Hi Hazel,

    Sustainability is so McHarg, resilience is so today, let’s talk chaos theory!

    Scott Murison 

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