Thirteen days til kick off!

I have undergone so much preparation for this trip and with each day I get more and more excited. Yesterday I spent some time drawing out maps of where we’ll be going on our journey. It’s pretty sweet because after going town to town across the U.S. I was able to see that we’re not looking for the fastest route through the states. We’ll be zig-zagging north and south as well, probably so we can visit particular universities and Pi Kapp alumni.
Another couple things that I have been doing to ready myself for this trip have been 1) by reading a novel entitled “Travels with Charley” and 2) already documenting the design thoughts I have while driving. The book is one written by the great American writer John Steinbeck. To my surprise it ended up being a sort of documentary about Steinbeck’s personal trans continental travels. He starts in New York and presses up into Maine before heading back southwest until he reaches the Pacific Ocean. The reason that I am recording my driving thoughts is because I plan to have a ton of those once the trek begins. I like to think of driving as a form of meditation, and that meditation will occasionally lead to inspiration. It allows me to clear my mind, take in what I see, and then work from there.
Less than two weeks til I’m off to Seattle! Keep looking out for my posts, once I get this show on the road they will be a weekly occurrence.

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