Tips for Getting Into Architecture School

I don’t have much time to write this kind of stuff so I’ll keep it short.  This post is tailored specifically to those seeking acceptance to a top-ranked Master of Landscape Architecture program, although the information is equally applicable to pretty much any design program.


Your portfolio may be the most influential element of the whole application, so cut out everything else in your life and spend time getting it into shape.  Drawings of any kind are great, but if you can choose a specific subject matter to explore through various mediums I think you will have a stronger end product.  For example, maybe you are interested in bugs, so you do life drawings of bugs.  Different perspectives, drawings that analyze the way certain anatomical features work, light studies that examine how light falls across the form of a thorax, etc.  The main thing is that you are using drawing as a way to better understand the world.  This is applicable to the work you will do in school – you explore different ideas through drawings, not just by thinking about them.

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