Who did this Landscraper hack JOB?!!!!!

Does anyone know who is responsible for this embarrassing landscrape?
I know that Morris Architects did the Architecture, did there landscape achitects also do the landscape on this?
I don’t think I would want to spend 1 minute of my life in this space. I don’t think that that 2 alleys of trees create a space.
Please give me your opinion is this bloody awful or spot on.

Cheers mate.

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  1. Come on man theres nothing like 60 mph wind gusts off the ocean an occasional helicopter nearly decapitating you or blowing you off the side of what appears to be a 9 story box. The only real question is why wouldn’t you want to spend time there. You have to think of the challenge of it, like survivor man. Although I would not recommend playing frisbee.

  2. Dude… It looks more like Gitmo Bay in Cuba! Hey where is the pool bar? I think you would die of thirst and hunger.
    I really hope the landscape architect or cad monkey who did this hack job is standing in the soup line man. It totally lacks any thought or design. It looks more like a prison for prostitutes and johns. Do you know who did this project?

  3. I get it these are plastic trees. At least their recyclable? Probably from used condoms!

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