Founded in 2008, Land8: Landscape Architects Network is the social network for landscape architects with over 19,000 user profiles. Landscape architects use Land8 as a resource to read articles, ask questions to the community of users, find jobs, research, view design inspiration, network, and access resources.

In 2017, Land8 acquired Landscape Architects Network (landarchs.com), a prominent online resource dedicated to highlighting the work of landscape architects around the world.

Supported by its millions of visitors and social media followers, Land8: Landscape Architects Network promotes the profession of landscape architecture and provides a valuable resource for both professionals and those interested in the work of landscape architects.

Land8 is an open and free resource that does not create its own opinion, but rather provides the platform for landscape architects to share their own views and what is important to them.

Land8 Features

PROFILE: Landscape architects and related professionals are welcome to create a profile on Land8 and build your profile where you can share about who you are within the community, add friends, and participate in community features.

BLOG: Authors of blog articles are landscape architects and select guest writers creating original content on the subject of landscape architecture. Excellent writers with a background in landscape architecture or related fields are welcome to propose articles to be featured on Land8.

FORUMS: Registered Members are able to ask and answer questions and comments posted on Land8’s Forum

GROUPS: Registered Members are able to create or join groups within Land8 and interact within that group.

JOB BOARD: For those organizations looking to hire landscape architects or designers, the Land8 job board is a widely viewed and promoted space for job seekers!

PROJECTS: Members can upload their landscape architecture projects. More improvements coming soon.

PRODUCTS: View various products that will enhance your designs!

EVENTS: Check out the Land8 events page for various upcoming events or post your own.

RESOURCES: Visit the ‘Resources’ tab for even more on Land8, including videos, webinars, and podcasts!

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