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Structural Soil Specs for Middle East Region

We’ve done lots of research through web for structural soil mixture that suits in middle east region specially in UAE and Oman but we rarely get one. We are aware that these system were widely used in US, Canada, UK and Australia and we want to bring this system here.Unfortunately this system is new to this part of the world and we do not have the availability of materials. Here we mostly get sandy soil whereas the specified soil (filler soil) should be a good quality type such as clay.


We will be thankful if someone could share their knowledge?


Structural Soil Types;


Sand-Based Structural Soil: a system to create viable rooting zones beneath pavements
Bob Pine, Pine & Swallow Environmental

Sand-Based Structural Soil (SBSS) is a comprehensive system designed to create natural,
sustainable growing environments beneath pavements. The SBSS system includes provisions
for aeration, irrigation, drainage, root development and ongoing control of nutrients, soil chemistry
and soil biology. The system is non-proprietary and does not require a license. The components
are economical, universally available and easily installed by contractors The system is related to
‘Amsterdam Soil’ but with major advances in soil design and rooting environment.

We are trying to get the specs but couldn’t get one.


Using CU-Structural Soil to Grow Trees Surrounded by Pavement.
Nina Bassuk, Cornell University, Ithaca NY, e-mail

Soils under pavement need to be compacted to meet load–bearing requirements so that
sidewalks and other pavement won’t subside and fail. Soils are often compacted to 95% peak
(Proctor or modified Proctor)) density before pavements are laid. When trees are planted into
these soils root growth is severely reduced or eliminated beyond the tree-planting hole. When
root growth is restricted, tree growth suffers as water, nutrients and oxygen are limited.
The need for a load-bearing soil under pavement gave rise to the development of CU-Structural
Soil, a blended soil that can be compacted to 100% peak density to bear the load of a pavement
while allowing tree roots to grow through it.

Patented and we have issues with the filler soil, here in middle east we mostly get sandy soil.

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