Author: Bayazit Oguz Ayoglu

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Deviantart Group 4 Landscape Architects & Urban Designers…

Finally today I’ve found sometime to work on the group… I’ve managed the group settings. From now on, everbody can be members and/or offer submissions for the galleries.

From time to time approval can take time, please be patient. I’m holding the approval option on, just because to avoid a possible mess and keep the galleries clean & related to the main subject.

I hopefully believe that this group can help us meet new landscape architects, urban designers who are already on DA and get inspiration from their works…

Don’t forget that this is a non-profit work. Please be aware of the content creators’ rights, copy rights etc. This group is to share information and to get inspiration from each others’ works, not for art-theft.  

All promotion efforts are appreciated.


All DeviantArt members are welcome to my new DA group

DA Landscape Architecture – Urban Design Group

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