Author: Lee Parks

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A New Era..

It’s been a long gap. Forever it seemed land8lounge would be blocked in China but one day, reasons unknown, the great firewall was lifted. Long periods apart often cause relationships to fade but I have decided that it is time I started a blog again. Maybe not every week but everytime a new experience comes along. Generally for me now nearly 9 years in China not that much surprises me (on the bad side) but I am happy to report more and more surprises on the good side. By good I mean client intentions, general trends, peoples awareness, graduates etc.. This year Shanghai’s World Expo ‘Better City Better Life’ is true for me in that I have now moved on from my previous position as Head of Landscape for Scott Wilson. Whilst I have started a new role as a Senior Landscape Designer (sounds like a step backwards) I now work for AECOM in Shanghai. The masisve portfolio/track record and existing teams in planning, design and development gives me the confidence that now is a new era. AECOM I hope will be a great platform for me to continue my professional development on some fantastic opportunities.

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