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  • Deborah Christman posted an update in the group Group logo of Green StreetsGreen Streets 10 years ago

    What is the grade and the largest amount of water you are dealing with? The planter needs to be designed to handle whatever nature throws at you.  You can retrofit the drain like Chris said to become the overflow at the down end of your planter. If you have a lot of slope, check dams can hold the water and pool it to infiltrate fully. Then the…[Read more]

  • Kevin Robert Perry posted an update in the group Group logo of Green StreetsGreen Streets 10 years ago

    Are you talking about installing a planter over a storm inlet, or a storm line? 

  • Teresa Buckwalter posted an update in the group Group logo of Green StreetsGreen Streets 10 years ago

    We are designing stormwater bioretention planters for a downtown.  We want to place a planter where a storm drain currently exists.  Can a planter be designed over a storm drain and be an effective bioretention measure — i.e. slowing down rainwater but not completely infiltrating?  Appreciate any input.

  • John, thanks for sharing.  Do you have any site photos, from these projects, that you’re able to post here?

  • John Galbavy posted an update in the group Group logo of Green StreetsGreen Streets 10 years, 2 months ago

    If anybody here has done any public work involving raingardens in Florida let me know! Since I have been working for my firm here in Tampa we have completed 4 to 5 significant “raingarden” type projects; one of them being a LAP FDOT streetscape for Tarpon Springs. Public work involving stormwater management in a creative way is far and few…[Read more]

  • Jon Q. asked about construction documents for green street work. After mining Portland’s BES site, i found a lot. Very helpful.

  • By the way, it is dumping down rain in Portland right now!

  • Thank you Jason, and everyone else for the welcome into the green streets group. I really am looking forward to discussing the latest thinking with green streets with you all. Going to Kansas City, Missouri for a presentation on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I would like to post some things when I return.

  • Welcome Kevin. It’s great to have you involved with our group. I am a big fan of much of your work which has continued to push the envelope for innovative LID solutions.

    I also wanted to mention that I just recently moved to Seattle to pursue 2 Professional certificate Programs at The University of Washington. One is in Wetland Science and M…[Read more]

  • Welcome Kevin! Thanks Jason for your comments on maintenance. After e-mail chats with many people, the fundamental move is to have regular inspections to look for needed maintenance patterns. I agree that it is a relatively new field for L. archs, and so the phrase “moving target” is apropos for the moment.

  • Kim, I have seen some examples in Charleston, SC that are using some green street technologies such as curbside bioretention and permeable pavers. I would look up Liberty Hills and Oak Terrace Preserve which I believe are both in North Charleston. Here are some pics:

  • Kim Hawkins posted an update in the group Group logo of Green StreetsGreen Streets 11 years, 7 months ago

    Does anyone know of any implemented green streets in the Southeast? We are completing a project in Nashville in the next few weeks and wondering if there are others?

  • I am pulling together a maintenance manual for a design studio that wants to install storm water mitigation in its projects. After reading widely, I have noticed that most information has the same maintenance guidelines. I find it difficult to believe that if sedimentation must be cleaned out 4-5 times a year from an in-street planter in Portland,…[Read more]

  • I am looking for some of your best exemples of rain garden project, rain managment etc. I am in a preparation of a seminar and will enjoy to see what is really happening outside my own practice. Please feel free to share informations and projects….

  • Jon Quackenbush posted an update in the group Group logo of Green StreetsGreen Streets 12 years, 1 month ago

    Does anyone know of a good source for construction details for ‘green’ design? I’d like to review these…


  • Ya i defentenly plan on trying to use Bioretention techniques, but this is not a exectly a mitigation techniques it is a stormwater solution, i need some way to extract or mitigate the heavy metals that are with in the soil and water on site, bioretention will help in preventing them to go to the stream but then they are still on site in the soil.

  • Bioretention is a technique that can be used in nearly any environment, including brownfields, as a water quality control. This may be getting too technical for your project, but depending on the amount of on-site contamination, I would recommend that you wrap all of your stormwater BMPs with an impermeable membrane to help control the spread of…[Read more]

  • i am a landscape architecture student working on my senior project, which is a brownfield site ( old glass manufacture), and curious to see if any one had unique design, mitigation techniques and or a case study i should look in to.

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