• For a Landscape Architect to truy be successful as a designer, he has to be able to communicate on the level of the contractor. Not to say that he designs to the level of the contractor, (which we all know contractors are alot like water, they always take the path of least resistance…) I say that coming from alot of years of being a contractor and working with contractors on a daily basis….

    You really need to develop a set of working drawings that is helpful to contractors and that makes things clear and concise and that they understand….I know for me and my company, we strive to find out from the contractors that build our stuff what they like and dislike about our plans….from there we can then make a more educated decision on what information we need to better communicate and how we can keep it simple enough that the contractors will easily understand what we are trying to convey….

    A key factor that I think bridges the gap is construction/project managment….You have to be out there while things are being constructed to supervise and advise the contractors using your “design eye” to help them translate your design vision from paper to reality….

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