• John Galbavy posted an update in the group Group logo of Green StreetsGreen Streets 11 years, 12 months ago

    If anybody here has done any public work involving raingardens in Florida let me know! Since I have been working for my firm here in Tampa we have completed 4 to 5 significant “raingarden” type projects; one of them being a LAP FDOT streetscape for Tarpon Springs. Public work involving stormwater management in a creative way is far and few between down here. One of the things that makes things different here is that we can receive an inch of rain in a hour and torrential downpours are the norm – in contrast with the steady light rainfall that occurs in the North West. We found some specs from Portlands goverment website to model our soil mixes ect.. but they don’t really apply to our conditions. At least we have really sandy soils down here and perc is no problem!

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