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    While I do not live in the middle east I am working on projects in Qatar and Abu Dhabi and am trying to get a sense of how to proceed in a meaningful way. I’ve worked abroad before and have had positive and negative experiences with trying to be as ‘local’ as possible. So far my impression of Qatar is to be sensitive to the climate zone but to think ‘golf course’–which is not my typical approach (not that’s there’s anything wrong with golf courses). I’ve got some pretty good horticultural and irrigation consultants state-side and could probably be a back-seat designer but I’d prefer to be more proactive.

    Can anyone recommend any resources in the region? Nurseries, importers, etc.

    Also could anyone refer me to any noteworthy landscapes-contemporary or otherwise? It seems like I’m always referring to the same old examples over and over again.

    kevin w

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