Landon Davidson

  • There really is no boundary. The goal is to stimulate creativity. If the plastic plant roof has meaning and purpose beyond just looking unique then then i would want to hear about it. I think that what ever we do that is creative must be a mix of art with purpose. A lot of people end up posting cool pictures on Land8, but without explanation they…[Read more]

  • Google ice melt or non-salt ice melt. There are many different kinds that are superior to salt without the harsh side effects like killing plants and ruining concrete. The problem is they are extremely expensive and so are typically only used for sidewalks in high foot traffic areas. salt and sand are used because they are dirt cheap.

  • It seems like it definitely could or should be. If you look at the architectural side with guys like Ludwig Mies van der Rohes’ “less is more’ approach,” you can see how minimalist design could be considered sustainable in a way. If designs aren’t over designed then usually less materials will be used. Often when designers get caught up in artsy…[Read more]

  • Anyone hear about the temple to be built in Rome? It’s great to finally see a temple going into the Catholic stronghold. Any Ideas who is doing the Temple grounds? I would love a crack at it.

  • I think that the temple square complex is one of my favorites. Growing up in utah made it and easy one to visit. because its at church headquarters it recieves a lot of visitors and thus a bigger buget. I also like nauvoo. With nauvoo I really like the historical feel of the place but my one complaint is that it feels and looks like an abandoned…[Read more]

  • I would like to one day design the temple grounds for a new temple. I think that it would be an interesting challenge to make the grounds have the same effect on patrons as the interiors do. The grounds that I have seen certainly do justice to the buildings their complimenting but I would really like to see If I could take the grounds to the next…[Read more]

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