• Landon Davidson posted an update in the group Group logo of LDS Landscape ArchitectsLDS Landscape Architects 15 years, 11 months ago

    I think that the temple square complex is one of my favorites. Growing up in utah made it and easy one to visit. because its at church headquarters it recieves a lot of visitors and thus a bigger buget. I also like nauvoo. With nauvoo I really like the historical feel of the place but my one complaint is that it feels and looks like an abandoned town. I served a mission down river in ST.Louis and saw numerous towns abandoned because of floods. What remained was empty streets with a scattering of the few structures that survived the flood. Old Nauvoo sort of has that feel to me. To it’s credit they do a nice job with the reinactments that the missionaries do for tourists, But that site could do a lot, I think, to enhance the experience.

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