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    Since the petition from ASLA and press release from UT are contradictory, please help me understand what’s going on with the following questions:

    • UT States: “UT has never had a formal partnership or any legal agreement with ASLA, despite our efforts over the past two years to develop one.”    ASLA states : ” The SITES trademarks were developed through a partnership between ASLA, the U.S. Botanic Garden and UT.”   Does this mean that there was never even a formal memo of understanding between these agencies the entire time they developed and worked on SITES?
    • What is the legal designation of SITES, or SSI?  Is it its own nonprofit or what?
    • If it is its own entity why would UT act instead of SSI?
    • If it is not its own entity, WTF ASLA?  Why would you have participated in this without getting the foundation set up properly?  
    • Why did development on SSI continue past page one if they didn’t have the partnership resolved?   Don’t they know that these things always unravel at the end?
    • If SITES is an independent organization, what the heck is UT doing?  They are way out of line obtaining TMs on their behalf!  
    • Litigation is good if it teaches ASLA to get their act together before jumping into something, even something as cool as SITES!   

    SITES is a great program, don’t get me wrong.    But this isn’t nonsense – this is basic business organization!  Help me understand?

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