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    Agreeing with and endorsing J. Robert Wainner’s comments posted on Jan. 25, July 28 and Oct. 23, if each licensed professional reached out to help only 1 active LARE candidate, the profession grows. Design construction professions similar to landscape architects each have paid and pro-bono prep instructors as well as free and commercial study materials. Mr. Wainner is proving relevancy of a pro-bono approach by the uptake. He also makes a key point that all accredited programs are not equal. Programs like Texas A&M consistently bring forward well rounded alums who have an easier time passing LARE, since the 1970s and today.  Cheers to Bob  serving as a model private practice professional delivering LARE prep pro-bono, making wide options available to active candidates along with books, live sessions, webinars, blogs or panel discussions.

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