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    Vladamir might consider one of UCLA’s live prep sessions.
    Responding to J. Robert Wainner’s comment, my donated time for travel, to organize and teach LARE live prep sessions is all pro-bono since 1995. My live prep sessions thru Chapters reach many active LARE candidates, during past 3 years for 7 to 9 sessions a year.  Agreeing with 1 part of his last comment on July 25 –  “every landscape architect should give back from time to time”. The reality is that many candidates don’t seek out assistance or attend live prep sessions (next one: Ann Arbor, MI on Sat. Aug 22), so they don’t really know what prep for success and avoiding failure looks like.
    ASLA National Past President Perry Howard, FASLA started a membership program in early 1990s with a slogan “Each one reach one” –  that  inspired me to write 2 LARE prep books plus spend 7 to 9 of my weekends a year giving my time to help LARE candidates become licensed. 
    Responding to Jillene’s comment on July 27, approx. 25,000+ landscape architects according to US Commerce Dept.- annual job count of LAs fluctuates with retirements and entering new licensed landscape architects. Federal, state and muni jobs in LA staff roles are included whether licensed or not creating a slight variance compared to the total licensed by each state. Job counts also move up and down with number of housing starts in US and the national economy.
    Costs for LARE prep and exam are actually low compared to cost of becoming a doctor or lawyer. Also, costs are low if the candidate is prepared to pass each LARE section in only 1 attempt yet expensive counting all the retakes. Live prep sessions help candidates understand their own needs, making the process efficient and realistic for a “one & done” successful approach. 

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