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    Hi Tony.  After attending a review session by Matt Mathes last year, it was recommended to take 1 & 2 together and 3 & 4 together.  This was because there was a certain amount of overlap between these sections which made for better studying.  I took 1 & 2 on back to back days last year in December due to the distance I had to travel to take the exams.  I passed both, but didn’t want to do that again as it didn’t feel like my brain got a chance to reboot.  I then took 3 & 4 this past April a week apart and managed to pass both then as well.  I liked taking the tests a week a apart even though it took more time.  I think it helps to study for both exams at the same time and take them sometime within the same window.  How far apart depends on you.  Hope that helps and good luck!!

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