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    @ Peter Coyle.  Regarding the pdf portfolio you uploaded to this wall, here are my comments on layout.
    Cover page:  clean layout but a missed opportunity to immediately showcase your skills.  Consider some of your images as a semi-transparent background, or a small thumbnail strategically placed.  Re-format the cover to landscape orientation so it matches the images that follow.
    General layout:  consider a magazine-style layout that you can click/flip through rather than a scroll-down.  Adobe Acrobat offers a portfolio option with some minor customization if you decide to continue with a pdf format.  
    Image presentation:  You have a clean, well-organized style when it comes to your page layouts.  I would take some time to think about what you are trying to convey with your images.  There is a lot to digest here, so take some time to really look at the intended audience–large firm, consulting opportunities, etc. Consider creating multiple versions of your portfolio for different markets, just as you would your resume.
    Great stuff!
    –Page Huyette

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