• Pearl May posted an update in the group Group logo of Design ImplementationDesign Implementation 14 years, 1 month ago

    “I learned the ropes in the field prior to Licensure; I started at an ornamental tree farm then became manager and head of landscapeoperations, then lead designer, then partner in a design build firm, all the while not fulfilled in my carrer thinking that I took the wrong path by not stepping straight into a design firm. It wasnt until I joined a great design firm that I realized how important and valuable the years in the field proved to be.”
    I hope this happens to me!

    On another note, any ideas/comments on the best way to get field managers/contractors on-board with “green” design features? I find both the client and those in the field highly convinced that a drain and a pipe are always preferable to a grassed or planted swale…

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