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    Thanks for the feedback, Page! It’s funny, looking back now I obviously should have clarified a number of issues you picked up on.
    The document is set up in an 8×10 Blurb template (because most of my sites are portrait orientation) and the “cover page” is actually Page 1 of a Blurb template (the cover is a separate document at this time because it’s an image wrap from front to back). I exported the PDF with spreads so you could view it as intended for the book (but carelessly neglected to mention that), so the landscape layout you see is actually two 8×10 pages! I like your ideas, though.
    I’ll look into that layout format you mentioned in Acrobat.
    You got me – my biggest obstacle to this point has been editing. Never having made a real portfolio before I find myself still trying to sell the whole project in print format. I’m absolutely of the school of thought that a portfolio is just there to showcase skills and not necessarily sell a project, so I’m still working on applying that thinking to this document. Any specific suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Again, thanks for the feedback!

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