• STEPHANIE Landregan FASLA LEED posted an update in the group Group logo of L.A.R.E. - ANYTHING GOESL.A.R.E. – ANYTHING GOES 8 years, 4 months ago

    Bob, not everyone has access to someone like you! And the LARE prep classes were started to tackle how to teach more than one candidate at a time. I would say most of the LARE prep providers are doing this for the same reason you do, but they can’t do it for free.

    The world is different from when you took the UNE, so is medicine and other PROFESSIONS that are licensed. Currency is the name of licensing and the LARE, did you have computers when you took the UNE, did you use ReVIT, RHINO, SKETCh up? You didn’t even have a cell phone! Email!

    So stop the judgement, I’m glad you helped one guy. I agree I hope senior LAs help young emerging professionals, but many of the senior LAs are not current, and the Prep classes are, and have helped MANY folks get licensed.

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