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    G. Ryan Smith

    Is there a good resource for 3D tree models in SketchUp? The trees I’ve found in Google Warehouse have been of marginal quality, and there seems to be little variety. Surely there must be a better resource out there.




    Ryan Smith

    Wyatt Thompson, PLA

    Hey Ryan. You should check out the SketchUp group on these forums. There have been some recent discussions about making your own 3D trees with various softwares, and some links to component libraries. You should also check the Sketchucation forums. There are lots of great resources there. Do a search in the Components subforum and you’re sure to find lots of treasures. FormFonts is another good resource. There are some high-quality gratis components, but you’ll get the most by subscribing to their paid subscription service.


    Also, are you sure you need 3D trees? I’ve found that 2D or 2.5D trees work just as well in most instances, and lower the poly count of the model substantially. Depending on your system, a number of 3D trees in a model can grind it to a halt.

    G. Ryan Smith

    awesome. thanks.


    yeah, i wondered about that. the hi res 3d trees seem to slow the program down considerably.

    Wyatt Thompson, PLA

    There are several ways to help with that (in addition to using 2/2.5D trees). One is put the 3D trees on their own layer. Leave the actual geometry on Layer 0; just move the component itself to a new layer. Then you can freeze the tree layer and navigate around the model much more easily. Second is to use low-res 2d trees as place-holders until you’re set to do the final render/image. Then replace them with the higher-poly 3d trees. A third option, if you use external rendering or photo editing software, is to simply add the trees in post-pro.

    John Pacyga


    This is my best list of 3D and some 2D/ 2.5D trees from 3D warehouse.
    Wyatt’s wisdom is right on: use 2D trees everywhere, 3D when you need the quality up close when it matters.

    Josh Burwell

    I took the 3 day workshop with Daniel Tall and he gave us his pesonal collection of components, there are some pretty cool trees in there,among many other things,  Let me know how I can get you the file,  its pretty huge though.



    Jeff D

    Agreed – one of the keys to using Sketchup is to always freeze the layers you don’t need to see at the time.  And – just like AutoCAD – put everything on its correct and unique layer.  Otherwise, even a medium-sized Sketchup file can slow down even the fastest computers.  Also, there’s really no advantage to using 3D trees unless you’re going to use a rendering program.  Sometimes, the unrendered version actually looks better.  I mostly use rendering (Kerkythea) to show lighting.

    Jeff D

    Josh, that would be a great file to have.  Can you archive them into a zip or rar file and post it on a file-hosting site and provide a link?  With Daniel’s permission, of course. 

    That must have been a great workshop – I loved his book.

    Daniel Liggett

    I would suggest downloading a trail edition of Land f/x.  The trail edition comes with thousands of sketch-up trees which are free for you to keep.

    Onat Türker

    nowadays you can find transparent 3d trees on warehouse. they are created by transparent planes in the shape of trees. there are different kinds. maybe they are not the exact kind of plant but they give the idea with their shapes. the best thing is that they dont make the program crash or slow down.

    if you search in the warehouse i am sure you are going to find them. they are commonly used.

    Ille Bogdan

    I have a layer of points (trees whose position is known), and I would like to make a kmz with 3d tree symbol? How can i do that?

    Steve Voorhees

    I am getting back into Sketchup more on a regular basis and would like to obtain (download or purchase) some high quality Desert Plants that grow in the Phoenix area.  Is anyone aware of where I could purchase some in 3D, face me plants and / or Plants that could be added in Photoshop.  There are a few simple ones on the google warehouse, but they aren’t that great and are typically plants that aren’t utilized regularly on projects.

    vc hefti

    Hi John,

    The above site is no longer available. Has it moved or do you know of another good source for 3D SU trees?

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